Chamberlain Elite Dial Code Telephone Entry System

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Chamberlain Elite Dial Code Telephone Entry System

The manufacturer has discontinued this item;

Please view our other telephone entry systems by clicking here.


Features Battery Backup Built-in battery provides full functionality for up to five hours.
Expansion Slots Two slots for memory cards. Optional Remote Communicator card.
Help Digital voice help messages to guide user.
History Buffer History Buffer up to 8,000 transactions.
LCD Display Two Line Large LCD display or super bright VF display.
Memory Capacity Field upgradeable memory capacity: 25, 50, 150, 250, 500, or 1000 resident names.
Output Relays Two Output Relays with Independent Strike Times
Postal Lock Postal Lock Ready
Power Input 120VAC, 1.6 amp UL listed wall plug transformer. (supplied)
RS485 Support Optional RS485 Remote Communicator Link for 31 additional Devices
Timer Two independent 7-day timers per relay output for door and gate control.
Zones 32 Zone control capability with programmable zones, groups, and templates


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