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ECGO Gate Opener Cell Phone Control

ECGO-G allows your friends, family, customers employees, to enter freely with their cell phones by seeing their phone number incoming to the ECGO then automatically it opens the gate (provided the owner programed the visitors number into the ECGO). This method is most secure. Holds 1200 friends Phone numbers. It can be uploaded simply Via text message for all commands (ECGO App is provide see your app store and search ECGO look for the Big American Flag). It can hold 400 additional pin codes (ECGO-GKP Model). It can call the owner once a visitor presses the call button then owner can open the gate for visitor It can hold the Gate open with a simple text, if owner is having a party, open house, EG.EG and then release when Party is over for then gate to close It can send you a list of all the friends that are in your ECGO so there is no need for writing a visitor list It can reach up to three owner’s number for allowing visitor in so if you miss a visitor it will roll over to owner two and owner three if needed. It can save you money over outdated land lines and Home office phone bills simple ATT T-Mobile or any GSM network 3g sim card which can be purchase without contracts simply a prepaid card standard size activated and you’re ready to go

ECGO Cell Entry W/ Keypad
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Brand: ECGO Model: ECGO-GKP
The ECGO-GKP is a cellular telephone entry system with a keypad, that can be installed at the entrance of a building or outside gate area. ECGO is an ideal product replacing the traditional door/gate phone. It allows you to speak with visitors standing at the entrance of your company or house e..
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