Doorking Dead Bolt With Lock And Door Sensor


Doorking Dead Bolt With Lock And Door Sensor

mortise mount fail-safe dead bolt with lock sensor to indicate locked or un-locked condition and a door sensor to indicate an open or closed door


Features Dead bolts feature reverse polarity protection. Dead bolt options include lock sensor, door sensor or lock and door sensor models to indicate status of the lock (locked, unlocked) and/or door (open, closed).
Specifications Door strikes are available in both fail-safe and fail-secure models. Strike keeper depth 11/32" or 20/32". Dead bolts feature a 5/8" stainless steel bolt with 5/8" throw. Automatic re-lock adjustable from 0-5 seconds.


Doorking MagLock Brochure 241.37KB
Doorking MagLock Manual 120.54KB

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