Siren Operated Systems SOS VIII Public Safety Access

Price: $595.00


Siren Operated Systems SOS VIII Public Safety Access

SOS Makes ALL Gates 911 Accessible

The Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) is used to open residential, commercial, airport, government and military gates during an emergency.

SOS is currently used throughout North, South and Central America as well as in Europe. If you need your gates, doors, parking arms, barriers or roll-up doors to open for emergency responders, then you need an SOS installed on each of these devices today!

Firefighters, Police Officers, and Paramedics can open gates with their vehicle's siren "Yelp" in 2.5 seconds (all sirens in 4.5), hands free…No codes to remember or keys to lose! A reminder decal on the gate tells responder to hold siren on for swift entry.

Gate Owners pay one time only for safety and peace of mind!!! All apartment complexes and gated communities should be uniformly 911 accessible. Compatible with all gate operators, SOS System will protect property and loved ones in their time of need. Homeowners who are gone when the fire breaks out and residents in need of timely emergency medical care will be glad SOS Systems were installed!

SWIFT HI-TECH ENTRY ("YELP" response is ...4.5 for wail, hi-lo, phaser, hyper-yelp, etc.)

  • No extra equipment to mount and align on vehicle.
  • No keys to get lost or codes to remember.
  • The SOS now operates on 9 to 30 Volts, AC or DC.
  • Reverse polarity operation. Even if the power supply is connected backwards the SOS will operate normally.
  • When power is applied, the LED will blink slowly amber.
  • The amber LED turns off and the green LED activates once a siren has been detected and the relay closes.
  • The amber LED is on steadily only when the received sound is above the threshold sensitivity setting and the SOS is trying to discern a siren. If a sound does not have a high enough frequency to be a siren it is rejected.
  • The SOS is now more selective about what sounds constitute a siren.
  • The screwless wire connector is fast and easier to install.
  • Double relay closures for use on dual (in and out) gates providing wider fire equip. entry.
    • Smaller size (4.7 x 3.13) and lower power consumption, yet more user selectable options:
    • Siren pattern recognition is 'Yelp' Decibel Time concurrently.
    • User selectable 'fast or slow' detection response to any one of the chosen siren options.
    • User selectable relay action. Relay duration can be set to momentary, 15 minute or latch until reset.
    • Latch mode can be cleared by pressing the reset switch, or removal of power temporarily.
  • All SOS products have a 5 year limited warranty

Looking down on the circuit board, identify the four small switches. The switches may be set to the desired "mode", (left or right) as follows:

1. YLP-YWH -Yelp (decibel time)
2. FST-SLO - Fast - or Slow to Trigger
3. RLS-LAT - Release - or - Latch Relay
4. MT-15M - Momentary - or - 15 Minute Relay hold 
(This chart is also attached under lid of enclosure.)



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