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Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator

Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator
Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator
Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator
Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator
Ramset 30 Swing Gate Brochure
Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator
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The Ramset RAM 30 is the perfect light duty residential swing gate operator when you need a small affordable residential unit.  While it has no fancy features like battery backup, lightning protection or wifi capabilities It was designed to move gates in a single home residential atmosphere while providing the security and comfort of never having to leave your car.

Product Info
Features Control Board: Ramset’s Intelligate" Control Board is for operating a vehicular gate operator; and contains self adjusting ERD, left hand/right hand operation control, lead/lag capability, one-pass anti-tailgating, and options for 4 different gate addresses; the control board also includes a rectified 24V, 750mA, output for providing power to peripheral devices such as radio receivers, keypads, alarms, phone entry systems, safety detectors... etc. Electronic Reversing Device: innovative ERD system that monitors current fluctuation; self-adjusting ERD reverses when obstruction is sensed Electronic Inputs: phone entry systems, three push button stations, radio receivers, fire boxes, digital key pads, loop detectors, photo cells, etc. Automatic Timer: gate closes automatically after desired amount of time (0, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds) Master / Slave: RS-485 multinode communication interface synchronizes movement between two gates Open Delay / Close Delay: integrated delay of 1 second between master and slave Magnetic Lock: 24 VAC; lock connects directly to Intelligate Control Board Relay: two integrated relays to use accessories such us alarms, lights, locks or cctv Micro Bright LED'S: show status of gate operator Right/Left Hand Operation: dip switch changes direction for right/left hand operation Mechanical Specifications Power Input: 120 VAC Electric Motor: continuous duty 1/2 hp, 120 VAC., 5.2 amp, with high speed ball bearings Capacitor: aerovox 65uf 240V; 50/60 hertz protected S 10000 AFC Cycles: 30 cycles per hour On/Off Switch: 120 VAC & two outlets Maximum Gate Size & Weight: capable to move gates up to 13’ @ 400 lbs. Gate Traveling Speed: approximately 14" per 90º Reduction: by worm gear box continuously lubricated in an oil bath Chassis: heavy duty metal cut and formed by CNC machinery Finish: gold/zinc plated to inhibit corrosion Gate Stops: with limit switches Cover: polyethylene, high-impact resistance Color: charcoal gray Shipping Weight: 75 lbs. Emergency Release: manual hand release
Specifications Maximum Travel / Weight 12 ft / 400 lbs Motor: Max Cycles Per Hour: 20 Operating Temperature: Overall Dimensions: 20” x 13 ½” x 13½”

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