Chamberlain Liftmaster CSW200501U Swing Gate Operator

Chamberlain Liftmaster CSW200501U Swing Gate Opener


Chamberlain Liftmaster CSW200501U Swing Gate Opener

The Chamberlain Liftmaster CSW200501U is a heavy traffic gate opener that is great for residential developments, gated communities, private estates and commerical uses.

The Liftmaster CSW200501U is durable and easy to access. It includes the built in Security 2.0 interference eliminating technology that allows only your remote to control your gate. It also works well with loop detectors.


Features Security 2.0 Reciever - 2x range of standard remote controls. Multi frequency radio virtually eliminates interference.
Advanced Safety and Performance Engineering -
OmniControl™ board provides enhanced, reliable performance meeting or exceeding all UL325 and UL991 specifications.
Surge/Lightning Protection - Protects against lightning strikes at a 50-foot radius.
Plug-In Loop Detectors - Easy to install, simple to program inputs for shadow, interrupt and exit.
Alarm Reset Button - Instantly resets the built-in safety
alarm siren. Complies With UL325 Standards Secondary entrapment devices must be added to meet UL325 standards. Installer will recommend suitable secondary entrapment devices such as photo eyes or edge sensors.
Reversing Sensor - Detects obstructions or
increased loads. Reverses gate when closing or stops/reverses the gate when opening.
Emergency Release - Simple to use release handle allows gate to be operated manually and maintain limit position once reengaged.
Non-Scissor Action Arm -Reduces the risk of injury from the gate operator arm. Operator arms are designed not to cross.
Limit Switch Design - Precision limit switch system
provides limit accuracy and reliability.
Soft Stop - Soft Stop operation extends operator and hardware life under high-cycle, heavy gate use.
Wormgear Reducer - Efficient, extremely quiet 900:1
two stage commercial oil-bath reducer.
Specifications Horsepower
Max Gate Length 18 ft
Max Gate Weight 600


Liftmaster CSW200501U Brochure 1.94MB

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