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Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE

Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE
Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE
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Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE
Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE
Viking G-5 2nd Gen Manual
Viking G-5 2nd Gen Brochure
Viking G-5 Single KIT ON SALE
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Get all the premium quality basics in one kit!! 


Viking G-5 Single Swing Gate Kit includes:

  • Control Box and G5 Arm
  • Residential Radio Package with digital long range radio receiver and 2 remotes
  • EMX Residential Reflective Safety Beam kit (no wiring across your drive!)
  • Viking Monitor for WIFI use with the VIKING MONITOR smartphone app

The Viking G5 Linear swing gate operator from Viking Access is a gate opener that not only offers easy installation but also delivers high levels of efficiency, workability, and functionality. The G5 is powered by a V-flex control board, including speed control and an LCD display. This model is an epitome of durability and can handle gates up to 2000 lbs. It also has an extended lead screw for 135 degrees of travel at 100% duty cycle. 

The G-5NX is a modern and sleek gate operator that comes equipped with a digital manual release and is pre-wired for easy installation. This linear swing gate operator was developed for residential as well as commercial settings. 

Product Info
Manufacturer's Warranty3 Year Warranty
Features- Adjustable "on the fly" Speed Control - True Seamless Battery Backup - Soft-Start & Soft-Stop for Smooth Operation - Built-In Surge Protection - Built-In Multilayer Lightning Protection - Built-In Heater for Extreme Climates - Solar Smart Power Saving Standby Technology - 3 Layers of Chassis Corrosion Protection - Convenient Manual Release & Reset Button - Maglock Ready (maglock sold separately) - High-Efficiency Transformer - Selectable 115/230VAC Power Input - Convenient J-Box for Quick High Voltage Wiring During Install - 3 LEDs to Indicate Power Supply Status - Open/Stop/Close Buttons Integrated Into Control Board - LED Diagnostic Lights For Ease of Troubleshooting - Convenient Diagnostic LCD Display On-Board - Multimeter Adjustable Automatic Close Timer - Bluetooth Capable Diagnostic Tool (additional accessory required) - Bluetooth Capable Master/Slave Setup (additional accessory required)
SpecificationsOperational Voltage: 24 DC Horsepower: 1/2 Main Power Source: 115 / 230 AC Single Phase or 24 AC/DC Solar Compatible Battery: 12 DC x 2 Max Gate Capacity: 2000 lbs. / 10' or 800 lbs. / 18' Traveling Speed: 14-16 Seconds per 90° Battery Backup: 400 Full Continuous Duty Cycle(600 lbs) Maximum Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous Cycle Operating Temperature: -20° F to 160° F

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