DoorKing 1808 Access Plus Telephone Entry


DoorKing 1808 Access Plus Telephone Entry

DoorKing 1808 Access Plus Telephone Entry

  • Talk to your guest at a front door or gate from any telephone in the home!
  • Up to 27 resident / tenant phone numbers
  • Hold open up to 4 hold open time zones

The Model 1808 Access Plus provides voice communication from the entry point between the resident/tenant and guest.

Ideal for small apartment and condominium complexes, gated communities, college residence halls, mixed-use buildings, and businesses. The built-in directory will hold up to 12 names and is printed directly from the Access Plus Account Manager software.


Features - Up to 27 phone numbers plus 23 additional with 1816 AP intercom expansion
- Access Plus Account Manager software included
- Relay board available which allows use of existing 26-bit wiegand devices
- Holiday schedule
- Four (4) hold open time zones
- Schedule un-lock / lock times
- Email notifications
- Live relay control from your PC
- 100 device codes (card, keypad, transmitter)
- 500 event history buffer
- 10 temporary access codes
- Built-in directory for 12 names

Voice Communication
- Provides voice communication from the entry point via the central office telephone service for up to 27 Residents/Tenants
- Can provide voice communication from the entry point for up to 23 residents/tenants without central office phone service by using the 1816 Access Plus telephone intercom add-on module

Access Control
- Residents/Tenants can control two (2) doors or gates via their touch-tone telephone after voice communication is established with their guest
- Access Control devices include: Card readers, keypads, MicroPlus RF controls
- Up to six (6) additional Resident/Tenant entry points can be controlled via card, keypad or RF control
Specifications - 16 VAC, 20 VA (250 ma)
- U.L. listed power transformer provided.
- Ringer equivalence: 0.0 A.
- Jack type: RJ11C or W.
- FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-0
- DOC (CAN): 1736 4507 A
- Complies with UL 294; ETL Listed.


Doorking 1808 Access Plus Brochure 640.37KB
Doorking 1808 Access Plus Manual 454.48KB

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