AAS American Access Systems Security Brands Advantage DKE 26-500 Keypad

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AAS Advantage DKE 26-500 Keypad

The AAS Advantage DKE 26-500 is a standalone 500 code economy keypad. If you're looking for a keypad that is easy to program and easy to use, look no further. Crafted exclusively from stainless and power-coated steel, this unit is built to last. This keypad has all the features you want and then some but still comes in at a price that will fit most budgets. Quick, simple, and familiar, the basic programming steps on the keypad are identical to those on all AAS keypads.


Features 500 Code Memory
4 Digit Codes
Controls up to 2 gates/doors
Personal Master Code
Latch/Hold-Open Code
Adjustable Relay Output Time
Event Input
Audible-Tone Feedback
Non-Volatile Memory (saved even on power failure)
Lighted Keypad
Lockable Faceplate
2 Year Parts Warranty
Made in USA
Specifications Input Voltage:
12-24 VAC/DC

Current Draw (standby with keypad lit):
17mA @ 12VDC
10mA @ 24VDC

Current Draw (with relay latched)
41mA @ 12VDC
22mA @ 24VDC

Contact Rating = 1A @ 24V / .5A @ 120V
Max Switch Voltage = 150V/220V
Max Carrying Current = 2A @ 150V / 2A @ 220V
Max Switching Power = 28W / 60VA
Adjustable Relay Time = 1-999 Seconds

Operating Temperature:
-15 to 175 Degrees Fahrenheit

5.41"(H) x 4.07"(W) x 3.38"(D)

Shipping Weight:


AAS 26-500 Quick Start Guide 289.63KB
AAS 26-500 Brochure 349.41KB

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