Doorking 1610 Warning Signs and Traffic Control


Doorking 1610 Warning Signs and Traffic Control

DoorKing 1615 Warning Signs

Warning signs and traffic signals are used with traffic control spikes and auto-spikes to inform drivers that a one way lane condition exist and that proceeding in the wrong direction, or before the spikes are fully retracted, will result in severe tire damage. Warning signs and/or traffic signals should always be used in any traffic control application utilizing traffic control spikes.


Features Warning Signs
Light sensor for automatic operation.
Built-in flood lamp for spike illumination.
Keyed on/off override switch.

Traffic Signal
Red / green signal operates in sync with operator.
8-inch lenses
8000 hour / 67 watt traffic bulbs.


Doorking 1610 Sign Brochure 320.63KB
Doorking 1610 Sign Manual 110.47KB

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