Nice M3Bar Barrier Gate

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Nice M3Bar Barrier Gate

Nice M3Bar Barrier Gate sports a 24 VDC for bars up to 13.1 ft. or 16.5 ft. with a foundation plate. This new and improved barrier gate opener from Nice / Apollo possess state of the art technology and comes in a steel case with protective cataphoretic treatment and fine paint finish.

The design of this barrier gate is modular. Bars are easily assembled by deploying the aluminum expansion joint. The gate allows intelligent control of two opposing operators due to its smart master function. This gate is unmatchable in strength and reliability. It possesses a robust structure made of steel, new high strength balancing springs and elliptical section bar with high wind-gust resistance. Optional flashings or traffic light can be deployed. The barrier gate allows encoder movement control and electromechanical limit switches. All these new and improved features give more comfort and safety in programming and maintenance.

This new gate has excellent obstacle detection system and allows monitoring of motor current during automation movement. It also possesses automatic fault diagnostics during operation with consequent signaling of fault type through certain flash sequences. Nice Barrier Gates offer exceeded energy saving. With this gate, no blackouts happen with its emergency backup power with the optional batteries housed inside the case.

Nice / Apollo M3Bar Barrier Gate kit includes

  • 24DC Operator
  • Built-In Control Unit
  • 2 Built-In Loop Detectors
  • XBA3/U Control Board
  • XBA16 Foundation Plate Kit. Including Plate and Four 1/2" J-Anchors


Product Info
Features Adjustable Force
Adjustable Speed
Auto Close Delay
Precesion Encoder
Specifications Power Supply





Protection IP Level


Nice Apollo MBar Manual 9.77MB
Nice Apollo MBar Base 42.4KB
Nice Apollo MBar Specifications 568.26KB

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