Chamberlain Liftmaster HS 670 2 HP


Chamberlain Liftmaster HS 670 2 HP

The manufacturer has discontinued this item

The LiftMaster HS670 Heavy-Duty Operator is designed for commercial or industrial applications that require high cycles and large gates. The extremely powerful design supports gate lengths up to 80 feet and gate weights up to 5000 pounds. Powder-coated, weatherproof lockable 14-gauge cabinet and a high-starting continuous duty torque motor with built-in overload protection ensures rugged and reliable performance. These models are ideal for the heaviest commercial installations and are UL325 compliant.


Features Built-in Radio Receiver
Inherent Obstruction Sensing
External Obstruction Sensing
Maglock Control
Warning Device
Loop Detector Inputs
Manual Hydraulic Release
Control Inputs
Advanced Dual Gate Operation
Timer to Close
Sequenced Access Management (SAM) System
Digital Logic Control
Surge & Spike Protection
LED Indicators
Maximum Run Timer
Accessory Power
Limit Settings
Emergency Stop Button
2 year warranty
Specifications 1 HP

Max Gate Weight (lbs) 3000
Max Gate Width (ft) 80
Cycles/Hour Cont

2 HP

Max Gate Weight (lbs) 5000
Max Gate Width (ft) 80
Cycles/Hour Cont


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