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ECGO Cell Entry W/ Keypad

ECGO Cell Entry W/ Keypad
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ECGO Cell Entry W/ Keypad
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The ECGO-GKP is a cellular telephone entry system with a keypad, that can be installed at the entrance of a building or outside gate area. ECGO is an ideal product replacing the traditional door/gate phone. It allows you to speak with visitors standing at the entrance of your company or house entrance from a remote location. A visitor can enter a pin code to open the gate, or simply press the Call button to establish a mobile call with you. During the call you will be able to activate two devices, whether it is the gate or activating / de-activating any other devices by pressing appropriate digits.

Product Info
Features Easy Installation Wire to power and operator only, no phone trenching required Compatibility Works well with all gate operators Huge Capacity The ability to save up to 1,150 phone numbers and/or 400 pin codes for family and visitors Rollover Communication The automated process contacts multiple "owners" as needed when the “CALL” button is pressed Usage Tracking Reports delivered via text showing history of entry and attempts Efficient Uses standard SIM card technology Programs 1,200 call in users Holds 400 pin codes Change codes via text message Sends report of who comes in and out via text message to gate owner LED lights on or off controlled via text message Weatherproof stainless steel construction Fast and easy programming from anywhere
Specifications Operating Voltage: 12 to 24 Volt DC/AC Operating Current: Maximum 250mA, Typically 55mA Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 or 900/1800 MHz Physical Size Face plate: 170 x 100 mm, Physical Size Stainless Cabinet: 17 4 x 113 x 65 mm Operating Temperature -20C to 50C Model Number: ECGO-GKP

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