Elite SL 3000 UL 1 HP Slide Gate Operator


Chamberlain Elite SL 3000 UL 1 HP Slide Gate Operator

The manufacturer has discontinued this item; the suggested replacement item is their new Liftmaster SL3000U.

The Heavy Duty, Chamberlain SL 3000 UL 1 HP Commercial Slide Gate Operator that uses two 1/2 horsepower motors working together to equal one horsepower. For use on heavy gates the Elite SL-3000-UL-1HP is our most powerful slide gate operator. This operator was designed with heavy gates in mind. It delivers 210 pounds of pulling torque and is capable of 35 cycles per hour on gates up to 2000 pounds and 37 feet in length. Equipped with two 1/2 horsepower motors that motors and a heavy duty transmission. It is the perfect choice for large and heavy wrought iron gates


Features 120 VAC Power Built-in 120 VAC power receptacle (NEMA 5-15)
Alarm If the gate hits an object twice while opening or closing, the system will shut down and an alarm will sound for five minutes
Alternate Outputs With Omni Option board, three push button command control, burglar alarm input and output. QCC option available
Burglar Alarm With Omni Option board, interfaces with existing home alarm or alarm output
Digital Motor Protection Entrapment sensor shuts off the motor after it reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, reverses direction for several inches and stops
Electronic Inputs Radio receiver, key switch, hold open loop, center loop, telephone entry system, computer input, fire department key switch, and 3-push-button station
ERD Sensor If the gate hits a vehicle while closing, it re-opens. If it hits a vehicle wile opening, it stops, reverses 4 to 6 inches, and stops again
Gate Traveling Time Adjusted by a precision mechanical device and electrical limit switch system
Integrated Loop Detectors Easy to install, modular, plug in loop detector inputs for exit loop, center loop, and hold open loop
Intelligent Master/Slave Precise, synchronized movement and communication between two gate operators using three wire RS-485 bi-directional technology
Magnetic Lock With Omni Option board, magnetic lock system is incorporated, allowing easy addition of the MG1300 locking system to the gate
Modular Board Uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of the gate operator
Motor Drive Solid state electronic motor drive system is incorporated into the board
Power Input controls power input to the board with convenient switch
Power Management Board includes electronic power management with over current shutdown and automatic recovery
Soft Stop Gate travels through the cycle at normal speed and comes to a stop slowly for more accurate gate cycle. Equipped with integrated time delay for long mechanical life expectancy
Spike Suppressors 20,000 Amps and near lightning protection with modular omni surge suppressor. Initial response time: 0.000000000001 seconds
Three Push Button Control On board gate operator control for close, stop and open
Timer Adjustable timer can be set from 0-60 seconds.
Specifications Approval UL and ETL listed to the latest UL325 and UL991 specifications
Chassis Constructed with .25 inch sanded, welded, and gold zinc plated sheet metal
Cover High density polyethylene plastic and stainless steel for excellent heat and corrosion resistance
Cycles 75 cycles per hour with a 600 pound gate
Dimensions Length = 18in x Width = 19in x Height 25in
Emergency Release The gate is easily disconnected by turning the release handle. the best option is our DC-1000SL
Finish All metal parts are gold zinc plated for rust proof protection
Gate Length 37 feet maximum gate length
Motor 1/2 hp, instant reversing, 120VAC, 4 amp, 1625 rpm, with high speed ball bearings
Output Shaft 1 inch cold rolled steel
Travel Speed 12 inches per second average gate speed
Warranty Seven(7) years for single home use and five(5) years for commercial use
Weight Capacity 1000 pounds maximum gate weight
Worm Gear Reduction 30-to-1 worm gear reduction in an oil bath


Elite SL 3000 Brochure 1.19MB

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