Security Brands Ascent C1


Security Brands Ascent C1

Security Brands Inc. Ascent C1

Ascent C1 is a celluar based gate access control system that can control up to two devices. Security Brands designed this gate access system to be controled by app, text or voice. This unit is ideal for when a call button or keypad are not required.

  • cellular-based system
  • Control 2 devices
  • up to 10,000 app, text, and voice users
  • detailed reports and audit trail
  • advanced timer functions
  • system status check





Ascent C1 Brochure 975.18KB
Ascent C1 Activation 149.19KB
Ascent C1 Specifications 169.24KB
Ascent C1 Quick Start 365.38KB
Ascent C1 Setup 63.65KB

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