Sentex Systems Infinity Series Telephone Entry System

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Sentex Systems Infinity Series Telephone Entry System

The Infinity Series is perfect for securing any size office building or gated residential community. The LCDs utilize a high-contrast ratio and bright backlight for clear viewing in a wide range of environmental conditions. Names and codes are entered into the system through a handheld programmer or remotely with the optional SPSWin software.


Features Full Duplex Communications
Long Distance and PBX Dialing
Tone/Pulse Compatibility
Variable Code Length
Battery Backup
Burglar Alarm Shunt
Stainless Steel Housing (on surface mounted units)
Expanded Transaction Buffer
Programmed Talk Time
Shared Phone Line Capability
Controlled and Programmable System Relays
Internal Modem
Lightning Protection
Full Controls
CCTV Camera-Ready
SPSWin Programming Software
Non-Volatile Memory
Transaction Monitoring
Password Protection
Forced Door Alarms
Automatic Unlock Schedules
Dual Ventilation Fans
Postal Lock Provision


Sentex Infinity Series Data Sheets 1.29MB

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