Chamberlain Liftmaster CSL24U Slide Gate Opener


Chamberlain Liftmaster CSL24U Slide Gate Opener

The Chamberlain Liftmaster CSL24U is a heavy traffic slide gate opener that has been engineered for than more than a million cycles.

The Liftmaster CSW24U comes with MyQ technology. This allows you to monitor and control your gate from anywhere. It also includes a battery backup system that will work for up to 208 cycles or 24 days. Additionally, Security 2.0 is included on this system.


Features FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPLIANT - Selectable settings allow gate to auto open or push to open upon loss of AC power or battery depletion.
POSILOCK FEATURE - If gate is pushed off of closed limit, operator will power on and return gate to closed position
PRE-MOTION WARNING ALARM - Selectable feature activates on board alarm three seconds prior to gate motion.
COMMUNICATION - Saves unsightly driveway scars by eliminating expensive conduit for dual-gate communication.
BI-PART DELAY - Monitors the speed and position of each wing and adjusts the speed as necessary to ensure primary gate closes last, avoiding potential damage to the gate
SYNCHRONIZED CLOSE Simultaneously closes gates.
PROGRAMMABLE AUXILIARY RELAYS - Two programmable relays with six settings each simplify adding additional features. Switch on/off devices at open or close limits.
CONTROL - Secures your property.
ANTI TAILGATE - Prevents unauthorized access. Gate will pause when closing as vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop or breaks photo beam. Once vehicle backs up, gate will continue to close.
QUICK CLOSE - Closes the gate immediately after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop.
ONE TOUCH PUSH BUTTON PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRONIC LIMIT SYSTEM - Maintains accurate gate position throughout gate travel. Maintains open and close limit position at all times, even after using manual disconnect.
HOMELINK® COMPATIBLE - Version 4 and higher.
WARRANTY - Five years commercial. Seven years residential
Specifications Horsepower 
Max Gate Length 50 ft
Max Gate Weight 1500LBS.


Brochure CSL24VDC 407.55KB

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