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BD Loops is a manufacturer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops for the gate, door, and parking industries. With over 10 years in business the quality their loops is unparalleled and they are a vendor for every major distributor in the gate and door industry. BD Loops is also a proud member of AFA (American Fence Association), IDA (International Door Association), NOMMA (National Ornamental amp; Miscellaneous Metals Association), IPI (International Parking Institute) and the IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association).

The Importance of Running Lead-in Through Conduit

SOURCE: BD Loops.com
This article takes a look at the protection conduit provides, and goes in depth on how properly glued PVC joints can prevent shorts to ground.
How Important is it?

Running the loop lead-in through conduit may sound like an extra unnecessary step, but it is more important than most assume. The conduit is essential for protecting the lead-in wire from workers with sharp tools whether it is during construction or years later.
The lead-in wire is susceptible to nicks and other damage which can cause the loop to short to ground. The conduit protects the wire from such damage. To find out more on how the conduit protects the wire from sharp tools, read the article "Shovel Lead-in Test" below.
When using conduit, it is also important that it the PVC is glued with a PVC solvent cement to create a proper seal. Water getting into the conduit is inevitable, but a properly sealed conduit can prevent a short to ground.

Conduit is an essential part of protecting lead-in wire for loop installation. Read a more in-depth article on the importance of conduit.

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