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Access Controls

Gate Operator Accessories at Gate Openers DirectGate access controls enable you to control who has access to an automatic gate operator, to residence, commercial, or industrial facilities. There are different devices that can control a gate.

Card Readers

A device that utilizes a pre-issued card which the holder touches or waves in front of the reader. The card contains the code which the reader will verify or reject.

Cell Phone Gate Entry

Cell phone gate entry systems allow you to control your gate through your cell phone, either via text, call, or an app.


This device has a numbered keypad and users must input a numbered code in order to trigger the gate to open. Some of these keypads can hold hundreds of codes and can have latch codes which hold the gate open. This can be useful for parties or when you expect a visitor.

Telephone Entry

Some customers like to talk to guests before letting them enter. Telephone or intercom systems provide for this. Some include video cameras to display visitors and even send the signal to a recording device. This option is ideal for homes, gated communities and apartments.

AAS Advantage DK ADV1000 Keypad AAS Advantage DK ADV1000 Keypad
-21 %
Brand: American Access Systems Model: ADV-1000
The AAS Advantage DK ADV1000 standalone keypad is fully programmable from the beautiful lighted keypad. Features a high-grade stainless steel lockable faceplate and powder-coated steel enclosure that will provide years of trouble-free entry. The Advantage DK line of keyless entry offers just t..
$345.00 $435.00
Brand: American Access Systems Model: 26-100L REPLACEMENT
The manufacturer has discontinued this item; their suggested replacement item is their new AAS American Access Systems DK 26-500L..
AAS Advantage DKE 26-500L Keypad AAS Advantage DKE 26-500L Keypad
-12 %
Brand: American Access Systems Model: 26-500L
The AAS Advantage DKE 26-500L is a standalone 500 code economy keypad. NOTE: Replace 26-100L keypad. If you're looking for a keypad that is easy to program and easy to use, look no further. Crafted exclusively from stainless and power-coated steel, this unit is built to last. This keypad has all the..
$298.00 $338.00
Brand: American Access Systems Model: 23-206
The AAS line of StandAlone Proximity card readers combines the latest in proximity technology with the ease of non-PC programming. Each StandAlone Proximity card reader features a high-grade stainless steel faceplate with heavy metal, powder-coated enclosure. Mounted to the faceplate is an HID Prox..
$865.00 $925.00
AAS Ridge 2.0 Wireless Keypad - NEW AAS Ridge 2.0 Wireless Keypad - NEW
-23 %
Brand: American Access Systems Model: S-14-500
THIS IS THE ALL NEW UNIVERSAL WIRELESS KEYPAD THAT CAN BE USED ON ANY GATE OPENER! An innovative built in transmitter and transceiver setup now sends a signal to the included transceiver that you wire into your control board just like any other universal receiver. That setup elminates a multitude of..
$265.00 $345.00
Brand: Security Brands Model: 25-K2SK
The Security Brands Ascent K2 SK with Secura Key Prox Card Reader is a cellular keypad with card reader that offers Wiegand inputs, a keypad, camera, proximity card reader and more. Access control backed by 4G LTE cellular technology comes with our simple, cloud-based Summit Control software platfor..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1400-080
DKS Lock Boxes provide Fire Department and Postal Carrier access through automated gates or doors for emergency or postal personnel. Fire Department lock boxes are designed for padlock (model 1400) or Knox KS-2 (model 1401) key switch operation. The postal lock box accepts the standard postal key lo..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1506-086
The DoorKing model 1506 series is a small compact stand alone digital keypad unit that is loaded with features. It is ideal for doors or gates. It's distinctive styling is ideal for small residential or commercial applications. They are vandal resistant and use stainless steel faceplates with galvan..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1515-080
Our highest quality and easy to program stand-alone device that's simple to install and user friendly! The DoorKing 1515-080 keypad provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired for stand-alone applications. Features a high-grade powder-coated steel enclos..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1810-095
Led lighted directory displayUp to 27 resident / tenant phone numbersModular design makes installation and service easyLed lighted directory displayUp to 27 resident / tenant phone numbersModular design makes installation and service easyThe DKS Access Plus line combines features of our most versati..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1810-080
Provides service for up to 1000 residents. Led lighting illuminates keypad and directory Built-in display indicates door/gate has been opened.Dtmf tone output allows these systems to be used with PBX, KSU, and telephone systems with auto-attendantsWith its built-in lighted directory, the DKS Model 1..
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 1812-081
The model 1812 is a unique telephone intercom system that allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at a front door or gate without the necessity to pay for an additional telephone line at their home. With its "intercom mode" programming feature, 1812 can also be co..
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