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Solar Friendly Swing Gate

Doorking 6400 Solar Powered Swing Gate OpenerIs there no electricity near the location you need your swing gate opener? Are you just looking for green energy? Then look no further than an automatic swing gate opener that can be powered through solar energy.

Solar Swing Gate Operators are available in a variety of residential and commercial openers. One should consider the idle current draw of a solar operator. This determines the size of the solar panel needed. The more efficient the control board, the smaller the solar panel needed, and the lower the overall cost of the system. Solar gate systems need efficient peripheral components as well. These components are low power loop detectors, and low power digital keypads. Solar panels and batteries for driveway gates should be sized accordingly to location. Sunny areas will require smaller panels. In areas with prolonged overcast periods, more battery storage capacity will should be purchased.

Brand: Nice Apollo Model: Titan12L-Dual
The Nice Apollo Titan Dual Swing Gate operator kit is the newest addition to the series of swing gate openers from Nice Apollo. This model includes the popular 1050 control board. The Titan 12L1 can handle gates up to 1000 lbs. weight and 20 ft. length. This swing gate operator is hig..
$1,699.00 $2,808.00
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: Titan12L Kit
************PRICE ALERT - THIS KIT WILL BE GOING UP IN EARLY MARCH APPROXIMATELY 10%. LAST CHANCE TO BUY AT CURRENTLY PRICING THAT WE HAVE HELD FOR OVER 3 YEARS. **************The Nice Apollo (previously just Apollo) Titan Swing Gate operator kit is simply put one of the best SOLAR or AC charged,&nb..
$1,099.00 $1,718.88
Viking G5 Single Swing Gate Opener Kit -MEMORIAL DAY SALE Viking G5 Single Swing Gate Opener Kit -MEMORIAL DAY SALE
New -59 %
Brand: Viking Model: G-5-Single-Kit
Viking G5 Single Swing Gate Kit includes:Control Box and G5 ArmResidential Radio Package w receiver and 2 remotesEMX Residential Reflective Safety Beam kitViking Monitor for WIFI use with the free smartphone appThe Viking G5 Linear swing gate operator from Viking Access is a gate opener that no..
$1,649.00 $4,000.00
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 3501
Nice Apollo 3501 Swing Gate Opener KIT uses the new and advanced 1050 circuit board. OUR KIT INCLUDES: BluBus Safety IR Beams, NICE EXTENDED RANGE REMOTE ANTENNA KIT, OXi PLUG IN NICE RECEIVER AND ONE Inti KEYFOB REMOTES CONTROL! This gate opener is a super dependable unit and is designed to support..
$2,085.00 $3,066.00
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 3601
The Nice Apollo 3601 dual swing gate operator uses the advanced 1050 circuit board.  OUR KIT INCLUDES: BluBus Safety IR Beams, NICE EXTENDED RANGE REMOTE ANTENNA KIT, OXi PLUG IN NICE RECEIVER AND ONE Inti KEYFOB REMOTES CONTROL! : This post mounted operator with articulating arm is perfec..
$3,395.00 $5,625.00
USAutomatic Patriot Swing Gate Opener
-100 %
Brand: USAutomatic Model: Patriot 1
USAutomatic Partriot Swing Gate OpenerThe USAutomatic Patriot Swing gate is the gate operator of choice when operating speed, proven strength and reliability is required. The Patriot swing gate opener is unmatched in the industry with 14 years of superior performance..
Brand: Viking Model: G-5NX Dual
The Viking G-5 Dual linear arm swing gate opener has a compact, highly efficient, and low-profile design. This swing gate opener possesses the power to support 2000 lbs. weight along with gate lengths up to 18 feet. Viking Access G-5 Dual linear arm swing gate opener is here to transform the entire ..
$2,195.00 $4,492.00
Brand: Viking Model: G-5NX
MADE IN THE USA!!The Viking G5 tops the industry in linear actuator swing gate systems. New generation of gate operators from Viking Access, G-5 allows you to enjoy higher levels of efficiency, workability and functionality. G5 is now powered with a V-flex control board, including a speed control an..
$1,375.00 $3,575.00
Brand: Viking Model: R-6NX
OUR FAVORITE HD RESIDENTIAL SWING GATE OPENER - Full featured! Made in USA. If you have room for it, this is a great economical PREMIUM GRADE OPENER!!The new and improved Viking R-6 Swing Gate Operator possesses a V-flex control board with built-in on-board diagnostics. This gate opener can handle g..
$1,499.00 $2,750.00
Brand: Viking Model: X-9
NOTE: THIS UNIT WAS UPGRADED TO THE NEW VERSION WHICH IS THE VIKING X-390We leave this model # active on our website to assist X-9 customers looking for replacement parts or complete units. Best suited for commercial; as well as, residential usage the Viking X-9 Swing Gate Operator has a sophis..
$1,299.00 $2,599.00
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