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Dual Swing Gate

Dual Swing GateGate Openers Direct carries a large selection of dual swing gate operators. A double swing gate opener combines two operators to open two gates in a swing method.  Often these gate operators are set up in a Master/Slave grouping. If you're looking to open two gates from a hinge, then dual swing gate openers are for you.

Our products carry an authentic factory warranty as an authorized distributor of swing gate operators (swing gate openers/swing gate motors). If you have any sales or technical support questions, call us at 877-688-GATE or contact us by e-mail.

Nice Titan 12L310 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit  With Mercury 310 Board & 10 Watt Solar Panel Nice Titan 12L310 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit  With Mercury 310 Board & 10 Watt Solar Panel
New -37 %
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: TitanDual
This LIMITED time kit includes:Dual Gate Opener w/ Titan Arm and Mercury 310 "top of the line" Control Board10-watt solar panel This limited-time kit includes: 1 Long Range Rolling Code NICE Remote ControlPlug In Radio ReceiverLong Range Remote Antenna KitPush Button w/ keyed switch on the..
$1,899.00 $2,999.00
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 3601
The Nice Apollo 3601 dual swing gate operator uses the advanced 1050 circuit board.  OUR KIT INCLUDES: BluBus Safety IR Beams, NICE EXTENDED RANGE REMOTE ANTENNA KIT, OXi PLUG IN NICE RECEIVER AND ONE Inti KEYFOB REMOTES CONTROL! : This post mounted operator with articulating arm is perfec..
$4,272.00 $6,018.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: HydraSwing 150
HySecurity HYDRASWING 150 is a powerful, rugged, continuous duty, industrial grade, hydraulic, linear swing gate actuator for the heaviest gates. It exceeds all operator reliability, longevity, maintenance and security standards. Gracefully cycle an extremely heavy, up to 15,000 lb gate leaf in 20-3..
Brand: FAAC Model: S450H-Dual
FAAC's S450H hydraulic operator is specially designed for residential, commercial, and condominium swing-leaf gates with a single leaf maximum length of 14 feet and single-leaf weight of 1,100 pounds. This product has a built-in battery backup, so even if the power goes out your gates will remain op..
$3,149.00 $5,839.56
Brand: FAAC Model: S800H-100-Dual
FAAC S800 H 24VDC Hydraulic Underground operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 13ft and single-leaf max. weight of 1,300lbs. The model S800H includes a hydraulic manual release and built-in positive stops.Continuous useMax weight of leaf (1760 lbs)Max width of leaf (13 ft)Maxi..
$4,689.00 $8,310.60
Brand: FAAC Model: 390
The FAAC Model 390 was designed to accommodate large pillar/column installations. This unit provides a sleek solution to avoid using a bulky ground unit. It reaches around the column to move the gate, allowing you to avoid the need to cut/notch out the rock or brick to accommodate a traditional resi..
$2,750.00 $4,740.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 400 CBAC Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit
When "Simply the Best" will do in a limited space application, the HYDRAULIC FAAC DUAL 400 Actuator kit is as tough as they get! Hydraulics are what heavy equipment uses around the world for heavy gates that run many times a day. FAAC has been in this specialty end of the gate opener market for OVER..
$3,599.00 $6,416.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 415D
The FAAC Model 415 electromechanical swing gate operator is a residenital gate opener that provides both power and versatility.The 415 swing gate opener requires the model 455 D control panel, which can operate a single leaf or a Master slave gate system.Key featuresAvailable in versions with a 300m..
$1,779.00 $2,762.64
Brand: FAAC Model: 415DH
Quality, durability, reliability, and performance are critical needs when it comes to automatic gate function. The FAAC 415 High Voltage Single Gate Opener not only meets these standards, but surpasses them.This FAAC Gate opener is intended specifically for non-commercial use. It provides residentia..
$2,179.00 $3,648.24
Brand: FAAC Model: 422 CBAC
This unit is designed for private residences and small commercial applications. It offers many of the benefits of a large gate opener in a compact form.Hydraulic swing gate operators are inherently safer than other types of operators because they have fewer “pinch points.” In addition, 422 operators..
$3,099.00 $5,744.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 750 CBAC
This model is set in the ground, is next to invisible, and is super quiet when operating. It is hydraulic, heavy duty, and can swing gates up to 13' feet in length and a maximum of 1760lbs. The 750 underground/in-ground unit is ideal for double artistic gates, so as to not aesthetically detract from..
Brand: FAAC Model: 770D
The FACC Model 770 low voltage swing gate operator is a complete kit designed for in-ground installation to keep from detracting from the gate's appearance, in residential use. This underground electro-mechanical operator swings gate leafs up to 10 feet and maximum weight of 1100 pounds, and include..
$2,998.00 $4,380.48
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