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Solar Friendly Slide

Is there no electricity near the location you need your slide gate opener? Are you just looking for green energy? Then look no further than an automatic slide gate operator that can be powered through solar panels and batteries.

Solar Slide Gate Operators are available in a variety of residential and commercial models. In choosing a solar slide gate operator, you need to consider the amount of energy you will draw. This determines the size of the solar panel needed. The more efficient the control board, the smaller the solar panel needed, and the lower the overall cost of the system. Solar gate systems need efficient peripheral components as well. These components are low power loop detectors, and low power digital keypads. Solar panels and batteries for driveway gates should be sized accordingly to location. Sunny areas will require smaller panels. In areas with prolonged overcast periods, more battery storage capacity will should be purchased.

Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 7251
Nice 7251 Slide Gate Opener is capable of handling gates up to 25 ft. long and 800 lbs. in weight. This Nice / Apollo gate opener is best suited for high-cycle residential and light weight commercial applications. This slide gate opener is extremely versatile and is supplied with 25 ft. #40 roller c..
$1,895.00 $2,591.00
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 7351
The Nice Apollo 7531 is a pad mounted operator for sliding gates up to 800 lbs weight and 25 ft of length each. Appropriate for high cycle residential and light commercial applications. Versatile: available in 7300ETL-IL-1K single version and 7300ETLDUAL-IL-1K dual gate version, including an additio..
$1,922.00 $2,640.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: SlideSmart DC 15
HySecurity SLIDESMART DC 15 is an extremely reliable, continuous duty, commercial slide gate, electromechanical, UPS battery backed up slide gate operator designed for millions of low maintenance cycles. Gracefully start and stop, up to a 40 ft gate (maximum gate weight of 1,000 lb). Set Open/Close ..
$2,650.00 $4,734.00
US Automatic Patriot Slide Gate Operator
-100 %
Brand: USAutomatic Model: Patriot RSL
Ideal for the installation requiring solar charging or full system operation during AC power outages. The Patriot RSL is the most efficient slide gate operator in the industry. Ideal for gate up to 32 feet in travel distance and up to 650 poundsPad or Post mount installation option is standard, simp..
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