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There are lots of new sites using our "Direct" name to steal your money.  Only our name has been copied. Our knowledge, quality and service are what made us a legacy provider of PREMIUM USA MADE GATE OPENERS!


Want a "reasonably priced" high quality opener? No problem!
New "Top of the Line" opener that makes your neighbors say "wow, where'd you get that?" Yep!
Need an "Industrial Grade" unit for high traffic and maximum security? Done!
Viking, HySecurity, FAAC, Nice/Apollo, DKS, Security Brands,  and more! 
More than half of our fantastic customers were fed up with "Guess Technicians" and the entry-level, contractor-grade opener the fence/gate installer put in. After sitting in at the gate while the ice cream melts, the kids are screaming in the back seat and the installer no longer answers their phone,  they found us! Turns out buying a professional grade opener MADE IN AMERICA is more dependable, costs less over time, and helps America too!

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Barrier Gate or Parking Gate

Barrier Gates

Gate opener applications for barrier gates include apartments, business parking lots, parking control, and traffic control gate openers to name only a few.  Check out our Selection of Barrier Gates

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Dooring Swing Gate Opener

Swing Gate Openers

A swing operator is used when a gate (or two gates) open inward or outward, swinging like a door. Gate Openers Direct has residential to industrial grade operators to fit your projects needs.

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Doorking Slide Gate Opener

Slide Gate Openers

A slide operator is perfect to use when space is limited, so the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall. Gate Openers Direct has what you need for your project, from residential to industrial grade. 

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Solar powered gate opener

Solar Gate Openers

Solar power can be an excellent method to power your gate operator, if your gate gets direct sun throughout the day. Check out our line of reliable solar units, and please call for consultation. 

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Telephone Access Control for Gate Operators

Telephone Gate Access

Telephone Entry Systems are a method of access control that allows you the ability to talk and possibly see the individual before letting them through your gate.

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Gate Operator Accessories

Gate Accessories

Gate Openers Direct stocks a wide range of gate operator accessories from Keypads, Card Readers, Cell Phone Gate Entry, Transmitters, loop detectors, mounting hardware and more.

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Nice Titan 12L310 Singe Gate Opener Kit With Mercury 310 Board & 10W Solar Panel Nice Titan 12L310 Singe Gate Opener Kit With Mercury 310 Board & 10W Solar Panel
New -46 %
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: Titan-310-Solar
This LIMITED time kit includes:Single Gate Opener w/ Titan linear actuator arm and Mercury 310 "top of the line" Control Board 10-watt solar panel&nbs..
$1,299.00 $2,388.00
FAAC 4402 WiFi Video Intercom
New -54 %
Brand: FAAC Model: 4402
FAAC 4402 Wifi Intercom Gate Access    NO CELL PHONE BILL, NO MONTHLY FEES, AND VIDEO ALL IN ONE UNITSimple setup by mobile phoneConnect to ..
$1,698.00 $3,663.00
Viking G-5NX Single Complete Kit - SUPER SALE! Viking G-5NX Single Complete Kit - SUPER SALE!
New -41 %
Brand: Viking Model: G-5NX Single-Kit
SUPER SALE! Get all the premium quality basics in one kit!! THIS IS A MADE IN USA PRODUCT! from an Italian owned company. FOR A LIMITED TIME..
$1,699.00 $2,867.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: SwingSmart DC 20
HySecurity SWINGSMART DC 20 is an extremely reliable, commercial grade, continuous duty, pad mounted, electromechanical, UPS battery backed-up, swing ..
Brand: Security Brands Model: DKLP-19-100i
This Security Brands Advantage DKLP is post-mounted and comes with a keypad and intercom. The DKLP range of products are ideal for low-power situation..
$345.00 $375.00
FAAC B680H-S Barrier Gate (up to 16.5' Openings) FAAC B680H-S Barrier Gate (up to 16.5' Openings)
-40 %
Brand: FAAC Model: B680H
FAAC introduces their new AFFORDABLE, COMPLETE B680H, a hydraulic barrier gate operator sporting an impressive brushless motor!  Designed for ove..
$2,439.00 $4,050.00
HySecurity SlideSmart DC 15 HySecurity SlideSmart DC 15
-44 %
Brand: HySecurity Model: SlideSmart DC 15
HySecurity SLIDESMART DC 15 is an extremely reliable, continuous duty, commercial slide gate, electromechanical, UPS battery backed up slide gate oper..
$2,650.00 $4,734.00
Nice Titan 12L310 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit  With Mercury 310 Board & 10 Watt Solar Panel Nice Titan 12L310 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit  With Mercury 310 Board & 10 Watt Solar Panel
New -37 %
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: TitanDual
This LIMITED time kit includes:Dual Gate Opener w/ Titan Arm and Mercury 310 "top of the line" Control Board10-watt solar panel This limited-time..
$1,899.00 $2,999.00
Doorking 2112 eVolve Video Entry System Doorking 2112 eVolve Video Entry System
New -47 %
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 2112eVolve
The 2112 eVolve is Doorking's most advanced and versatile residential Video Entry System, allowing the homeowner to program and control their system f..
$1,338.00 $2,530.00
FAAC 400 CBAC Single Gate Opener KIT FAAC 400 CBAC Single Gate Opener KIT
-46 %
Brand: FAAC Model: 400 CBAC Single
When "Simply the Best" will do in a limited space application, the HYDRAULIC FAAC 400 Actuator is as good as they get! Hydraulics are what heavy equip..
$2,099.00 $3,885.84
DoorKing 6050 Swing Gate Operator DoorKing 6050 Swing Gate Operator
-47 %
Brand: DKS DoorKing Model: 6050-380
The Doorking Model 6050 operators are designed to operate vehicular swing gates in residential and commercial applications. These operators are design..
$1,630.00 $3,104.00
Viking H-10SPS Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operators (Newest Generation!) Viking H-10SPS Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operators (Newest Generation!)
-45 %
Brand: Viking Model: H-10SPS
$2,595.00 $4,747.00


Brand: Viking Model: MONITOR
Controlling your gate operator has never been easier! The Viking Monitor App will wirelessly open/close your gate from anywhere in the world. Security..
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: APON2Ea
The new line of 2-channel transmitters. The ideal and sleek design solution to control multi-user systems. This Era One from Nice apollo is a 433.92 M..
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: Inti
This new line of 2-channel transmitter is elegant and compact, ideal for storing in vehicle consoles and cubbies, or can be attached to your keychain ..
Brand: NorthStar Controls Model: NP2-ES
When only the best will do. Tired of replacing 3 and 4 yr old detectors? This is the one that lasts as long as the best openers we sell! Think they ar..


Thank you for visiting gate openers direct! We have been in business since 1999. We are a break away from the traditional fence guy solutions. We only sell premium lines of Swing Gate Openers, Slide Gate Operators, Barrier Gate Openers, and Access Controls. We offer brands such as Viking, FAAC, Nice Apollo, DoorKing, Hysecurity, and more. Our products are sold at wholesale direct pricing. We save our customers money. Additionally, we offer a better product than the guy who dug your post holes and welded your gate. Those are fine trades and most of those guys are very hard workers. However, access control and sophisticated electronics require a different skill set. More than 50% of our business is selling people their second set of equipment, replacing the contractor-grade equipment originally installed. Call us today and see how we can help you buy smarter!

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