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Viking Access L-3 Swing Gate OpenerViking Access Systems is continuously working hard to identify and design products that will appeal to the industry and it’s needs. As technology continues to advance, we have developed a completely efficient and intelligent line of gate operators to meet the changing demands. These machines offer; full UL325 and UL991 compliance, soft-start and soft stop, intelligent obstruction sensors, continuous operation (100% duty cycle), and extreme power efficiency. Their operators offer innovative features such as; adaptive and self-learning algorithms, redundancy design in both hardware and software to ensure operation and functionality, protection from lightning, short circuit and power surges, and our exclusive helical gearing offering the highest efficiency rating in the industry. The entire product line is continually modified, augmented, and improved based on the latest technology and our customer’s valuable feedback. The results are products that offer accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and performance, all in sleek, high-tech designs.

Viking Access pledges to continue to be the leader in high quality, innovative slide gate operators, and swing gate openers by developing “Next Level” technology. They are committed to providing safety and convenience with innovative solutions for every security gate need.

As an authorized distributor of Viking gate operators ( Viking swing gate openers / Viking slide gate openers), our products carry an authentic factory warranty. If you have any sales questions give us a call at 877-688-GATE or contact us by e-mail.

Made In The USA

*** Protect your investment: Purchases of quality gate openers from unauthorized resellers VOIDS MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES in most cases. Quality products need quality installation support and technical support after the sale. Most internet resellers on discount sites such as ebay, amazon, and most other internet discounters cannot provide that service and as such voids a large part of your investment, the warranty. Shop with confidence that all warranties remain fully intact when you purchase from Gate Openers Direct. ***

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Viking Access Power Box
-37 %
Brand: Viking Model: Power Box
The Viking Access System PowerBox offers a solution where the Viking Gate Operator is not near electricity (115 AC or 230 AC).  The Viking Power Box provides the means to run low voltage wires as a power supply instead of trenching, piping, and running wires from far to the Viking Gate Operator..
$295.00 $465.00
Viking F-1NX HD Swing Gate Opener Viking F-1NX HD Swing Gate Opener
-42 %
Brand: Viking Model: F-1NX
MADE IN THE USA!! When only the best will do for your home or light commercial gates, this opener physically weighs almost 200lbs because it has all the best components and materials.  The Viking Access F-1 Next Generation Swing Gate Opener is an excellent adaptation of modern technol..
$2,099.00 $3,650.00
Viking G-5 NX Dual Linear Arm Swing Gate Opener Viking G-5 NX Dual Linear Arm Swing Gate Opener
-49 %
Brand: Viking Model: G-5NX Dual
The Viking G-5 Dual linear arm swing gate opener has a compact, highly efficient, and low-profile design. This swing gate opener possesses the power to support 2000 lbs. weight along with gate lengths up to 18 feet. Viking Access G-5 Dual linear arm swing gate opener is here to transform the entire ..
$2,299.00 $4,492.00
Viking G-5NX Single Swing Gate Operator Only Viking G-5NX Single Swing Gate Operator Only
--6 %
Brand: Viking Model: G-5NX
MADE IN THE USA!! - Opener only with options listed a la carte.The Viking G5 tops the industry in linear actuator swing gate systems. New generation of gate operators from Viking Access, G-5 allows you to enjoy higher levels of efficiency, workability and functionality. G5 is now powered with a V-fl..
$1,375.00 $1,295.00
Viking H-10NX Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operators
-50 %
Brand: Viking Model: H-10NX
ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR SLIDE GATE OPENERS!! The latest generation Viking H-10, is considered one of the most sophisticated slide gate openers available in the industry. This slide gate can handle weights up to 2200 lbs. covering a 75 ft. travel distance. The H-10 Slide Gate Operator possesses a V-f..
$2,295.00 $4,567.00
Viking I-770 Underground Gate Operator Viking I-770 Underground Gate Operator
New -38 %
Brand: Viking Model: I-770
The I-770 Underground Swing Gate Operator offers the solution to home and property owners that want to center all the attention on their gate. Nearly invisible, the I-770 is ETL Listed, UL325, and UL991 compliant. The direct-drive DC gear-head unit is IP67 water-resistant and has a convenient manual..
$1,911.00 $3,105.00
Viking K-2 Slide Gate Operator - ON SALE LIMITED # OF UNITS Viking K-2 Slide Gate Operator - ON SALE LIMITED # OF UNITS
-39 %
Brand: Viking Model: K-2NX
The K-2 Slide gate operator raises the bar by offering next-generation technology to the residential market. This operator comes with a multitude of different features and is designed to work perfectly in both residential as well as light commercial settings. The K-2 slide gate operator features a n..
$1,345.00 $2,190.00
Viking L-3NX Slide Gate Operator Viking L-3NX Slide Gate Operator
-40 %
Brand: Viking Model: L-3NX
Viking Access Systems L-3 Next Generation Slide Gate Operator is perfect for commercial applications.  Additionally this unit performs well as a high end residential system. Incredible new features of the next generation Viking L-3 stand out like the V-flex control board with on-board diag..
$1,975.00 $3,298.00
Viking Q-7 Slide Gate Operator
-50 %
Brand: Viking Model: Q-7NX
Incorporating a powerful and efficient DC motor, a high capacity power supply, an integrated battery back-up system and intelligent controller, Viking Access’s Q-7 slide gate operator is a wonder within itself. The gate operator is suitable for both commercial as well as residential settings. Q-7 of..
$5,288.00 $10,611.00
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
-43 %
Brand: Viking Model: R-6NX
OUR FAVORITE HD RESIDENTIAL SWING GATE OPENER - Full featured! Made in USA. If you have room for it, this is a great economical PREMIUM GRADE OPENER!!The new and improved Viking R-6 Swing Gate Operator possesses a V-flex control board with built-in on-board diagnostics. This gate opener can handle g..
$1,555.00 $2,750.00
Viking T-21NX Heavy Duty Swing Gate Operator Viking T-21NX Heavy Duty Swing Gate Operator
-48 %
Brand: Viking Model: T-21NX
T-21 Heavy Duty Swing Gate Operator is the latest innovative offering by Viking Access. This gate opener is capable of handling gates up to 2000 lbs. and 12 ft long. T-21 swing gate opener has a ¼’’ steel chassis with multilayer corrosion protection. This ensures exceeded reliability and long-lastin..
$2,830.00 $5,450.00
Viking X-9NX Dual Swing Gate Opener
-48 %
Brand: Viking Model: X-9 Dual
NOTE: THIS UNIT WAS UPGRADED TO THE NEW VERSION WHICH IS THE VIKING X-390We leave this model # active on our website to assist X-9 customers looking for replacement parts or complete units. This new and improved swing gate opener by Vikings is one of a kind because it can solar power to operate..
$2,277.00 $4,380.00
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