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Overhead Gate Openers

Overhead Gate Openers and Operators

Overhead gate openers and operators are generally used in commercial underground parking garages where headroom is minimal. The gate opener is designed to operate overhead type vehicular gates mounted on jamb track or jamb type hardware. The overhead gate opener lifts the gate overhead like a typical garage door opener; however, these gates may weigh much more than a garage door. The operator and track hardware is built much heavier to accommodate these loads.

Brand: RamSet Model: RAM 2000
The Ramset RAM 2000 Overhead Gate Operator is perfect for heavy duty Residential and commercial installations...
Brand: RamSet Model: RAM 2100
Ramset RAM 2100 Overhead Gate Operator is perfect for commercial/industrial installations on large gates where 120VAC is present...
Brand: RamSet Model: RAM 2200
Ramset RAM 2200 Overhead Gate Operator is perfect for commercial/industrial overhead installations on large gates where 220VAC is present...
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