Linear AE-2 Series Telephone Entry

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Linear AE-2 Series Telephone Entry

Linear AE-2 Telephone Entry combines telephone entry with full-featured access control, including keyless entry and panic functions. It is extremely easy to operate, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including apartments, condominiums, dormitories, office buildings, and gated communities. It offers security, convenience, and handicapped access.

As a telephone entry system, it provides full duplex telephone communications through hands-free operation, and controls four openings via touch-tone telephone. It is supplied in a rugged, stainless steel, surface mount housing that will withstand years in the toughest environments.

Remarkable ease of operation is made possible by a highly visible keypad and large display, which presents visitors with a scrolling directory of up to 3,500 occupants (residents or employees) by name and code. When a code is entered on the keypad, a two-way voice link is established so the occupant can identify the visitor and grant access. Occupants gain entry using a special transmitter by keyless entry.

Numerous programming options allow the installer to customize Telephone Entry for virtually any application. System choices include selection of a one-to-four digit directory code, 40 different display messages, talk time duration, and extended talk time for select individuals.

Linear AE-2 (64): 500 User / 500 Event Capacity
AE-2 (128): 1,000 User / 5,000 Event Capacity
AE-2 (256): 2,500 User / 10,000 Event Capacity


Product Info
Features Features
Ideal for apartments, condos, gated communities, dormitories, offices and other commercial sites
Extensive capacity - up to 3,500 users
Controls up to four portals via touch-tone telephone and keypad entry
RS485 capability for networking up to 32 doors
Built-in radio for keyless entry - wireless activation from up to 250 feet away field
Programmable directory, talk time, and display message
Selectable extended talk time
Accepts inputs from remote keypads, Wiegand cards, and proximity devices
Programming via built-in keypad or PC software
Large,vacuum fluorescent display, 2 lines by 20 characters
Optional sunlight visor and stainless steel post mounting plate
Can be networked - up to 64 units
Windows based software for installation management

Communications: Full duplex, hands-free operation
Programmable Features: 1- to 4-digit directory code; 40 display messages; talk time duration; extended talk time for select users

Electronics: -22° to +149° F (-30° to +65° C)
LCD Display: 0° to 104° F (-18° to +40° C)
MEMORY: All data memory is non-volatile EEPROM with data retention in excess of 10 years; modular design permits field upgrading and easy transfer to another controller; memory modules available in the following capacities: 64K capacity, medium memory 128K capacity, large memory 256K capacity, extra-large memory
CLOCK/CALENDAR: Built-in-24-hour clock/calendar with battery backup and daylight savings adjustment
CONNECTIONS: All wiring connections to the internal controller are plug-on, screw terminal blocks
ENCLOSURE: Rugged stainless steel, surface mounting
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Four portal Telephone Entry System; contains system controller with built-in radio receiver; RS232 port, and Wiegand outputs; accepts transmitters, keypads, and antenna; includes two line by 16 character LCD display
DIMENSIONS: 15 in W x 11.5 in H x 5.25 in D (381 x 292 133 mm)

RF: 318 MHz superheterodyne receiver with -90 dBm sensitivity; built-in 20 dBm adjustable attenuator for fine tuning radio performance
Keypad/Reader: Two sets of inputs for connecting remote keypads, card reader interfaces, or remote receivers
Open Request: Contact closure to ground activates channel A or B relays
Programming: Internal keypad for local programming
Access Buttons: One button for each of the four relays

Relay: Four form "C" relays, rated at 3 amps with programmable output duration; all four can be configured for open/close; A and B can be supervised for status; C and D can be configured for control; all relay contacts have RFI, ARC, and lightning suppression
Wiegand: Wiegand compatible signals for adding RF capability to other access control systems; 26 , 30 , and 31 bit formats are supported
RS232: One port for connection to a local computer printer, or CRT; all communications are at 9600 baud
Front Panel: Vacuum fluorescent, two lines by 20 characters
Internal Controller: Two lines by 24-character backlit display for local programming and transaction monitoring
LED Indicators: Internal controller has front panel indicators for all input and output activity for on-site troubleshooting


Linear AE-2 Brochure 155.73KB
Linear AE-2 Manual 1 282.82KB
Linear AE-2 Manual 2 212.99KB

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