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Doorking Slide Gate Operator - Buy your slide gate opener today!Gate Openers Direct offers a large selection of slide gate operators. A slide gate opener is perfect when space is limited behind the secured facility, so the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall. They are also excellent for driveway gate automation when the site has steep grades. Steep grades can prohibit the use of a swing gate. Slide gates use V-groove wheels on a track. Gate roller guides are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point also called a gate catcher, is on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position.

Gate Openers Direct offers the top brands in Slide Gate Operators from Apollo, Doorking, FAAC, Chamberlain, Viking Access Systems, and more!

Why buy from Gate Openers Direct? First and foremost, EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT. This may seem like fluff, but experience can’t be bought by new “box pusher” internet distributors. Experienced technical support knowledge will translate into serious money over the life of any commercial barrier gate opener, especially if you have to pay someone to come to your location every time there is a glitch or problem. Anyone who has ever had a service tech hand them a bill for hundreds of dollars only to discover later that it was probably something they could have handled themselves knows how much money a “friend in the business” is worth. Let us be your friend, Gate Openers Direct!

Brand: OSCO Model: OSGSLGA-2
Cabinet: Weather-resistant galvanized steel cabinet with powder coat finish. Lockable, gasket, hinged and removable front cover for easy access Mechanical:Heavy-duty 15:1 right-angle C-face gear reducer #50 roller chain and sprocket Adjustable torque limiter Heavy-duty pillow-blo..
Brand: OSCO Model: OSHSLG-2
The OSCO HSLG heavy duty slide gate operator is available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horsepower. As well as in various supply voltages and phases and can open at 10" per second gate speed...
Brand: OSCO Model: OSSLC-211
OSCO SLC SERIES - Commercial duty slide gate operator series, available in 1/2 and 1 horsepower, 115V and 230V supply voltage, 11" per second gate speed.ModelHPVoltage(Single Phase) Maximum Gate LengthMaximum Gate Weight Gate SpeedMaximum Cycles SLCSLC-21/2115 or 230V37 ft10..
Brand: OSCO Model: OSSLD-211
Linear OSCO SLD Slide Gate OpenerLinear Osco SLD slide gate is a residential/commercial duty slide gate operator with DC battery backup, available in 1/2 horsepower, 115V supply voltage, 12" per second gate speed. The SLD is Solar power capable with 24 volt solar panels.The OSCO SLD has four program..
Brand: OSCO Model: OSSLR-211
The SLR is Linear Osco's residential duty slide gate operator series. They come standard with a continuous duty 1/2 horsepower motor, and are available in 115V or 230V supply voltage, and move the gate at 11" per second...
Brand: OSCO Model: OSVSGSLG-2
Linear OSCO VS-GSLG is a Commercial Slide Gate Operator. This gate operator is a Variable Speed operator. The OSCO VS-GSLG variable speed operator starts and stops at a slower speed, which is less stressful on the operator and gate and saves wear and tear on the components. This operation may add a ..
USAutomatic Patriot Slide Gate Operator
-100 %
Brand: USAutomatic Model: Patriot RSL
Ideal for the installation requiring solar charging or full system operation during AC power outages. The Patriot RSL is the most efficient slide gate operator in the industry. Ideal for gate up to 32 feet in travel distance and up to 650 poundsPad or Post mount installation option is standard, simp..
Brand: Viking Model: H-10NX
ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR SLIDE GATE OPENERS!! The latest generation Viking H-10, is considered one of the most sophisticated slide gate openers available in the industry. This slide gate can handle weights up to 2200 lbs. covering a 75 ft. travel distance. The H-10 Slide Gate Operator possesses a V-f..
$2,295.00 $4,567.00
Brand: Viking Model: K-2NX
The K-2 Slide gate operator raises the bar by offering next-generation technology to the residential market. This operator comes with a multitude of different features and is designed to work perfectly in both residential as well as light commercial settings. The K-2 slide gate operator features a n..
$1,395.00 $2,190.00
Brand: Viking Model: L-3NX
Viking Access Systems L-3 Next Generation Slide Gate Operator is perfect for commercial applications.  Additionally this unit performs well as a high end residential system. Incredible new features of the next generation Viking L-3 stand out like the V-flex control board with on-board diag..
$1,975.00 $3,298.00
Brand: Viking Model: Q-7NX
Incorporating a powerful and efficient DC motor, a high capacity power supply, an integrated battery back-up system and intelligent controller, Viking Access’s Q-7 slide gate operator is a wonder within itself. The gate operator is suitable for both commercial as well as residential settings. Q-7 of..
$5,288.00 $10,611.00
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