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AAS PROX 2000 II Standalone Proximity Card Reader HID

AAS PROX 2000 II Standalone Proximity Card Reader HID
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AAS PROX 2000 II Standalone Proximity Card Reader HID
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  • Model: 23-206
  • Weight: 5.00kg
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*** This unit has been discontinued ***

Please view the Security Brands Edge 2 - 27-220HID Proximity Card Reader

The AAS line of StandAlone Proximity card readers combines the latest in proximity technology with the ease of non-PC programming.

Each StandAlone Proximity card reader features a high-grade stainless steel faceplate with heavy metal, powder-coated enclosure. Mounted to the faceplate is an HID Prox Point reader, with the control board mounted safely inside the rugged enclosure.  To program the unit, simply unlock the faceplate and use the enclosed keypad to enter codes. That's it!

American Access Systems StandAlone Proximity card readers have a 1000 memory transaction buffer that can be printed out on an RS-232 serial printer. The unit will report date, time, card number entered, relay activated and valid/invalid cards.

When two card readers (such as an entry/exit application) are required, choose model #23-206. This unit allows an additional "slave" proximity reader to be wired to it, making it ideal for jobs where more than one reader is needed.

2000 card capacity, Programmable Master Card, Latch Card and Sleep Card -3 Strikes you’re out and True Anti Pass-back, Optional camera -Split-relay function: – allows user to activate two separate doors/gates -Compatible with one “slave” unit

AAS is known to create some of the most reliable gate access products on the market today!

Product Info
Features2000 card capacity Up to 3 facility code Wiegand Input for Second Card Reader Programmable Master Card, Latch Card and Sleep Card 3 Strikes You're Out and True Anti Pass-back 1000 Code Memory Buffer 2 Relays Variable Relay Times Non-Volatile Memory Audible Tones LED Feedback Nightlight Optional camera
SpecificationsCard Capacity: 2000 Facility Code Capacity: 3Input Voltage: 16.5 VAC (transformer included)Current Draw: - less than 40 mA @ 12 VDC (standby) - less than 67 mA @ 12 VDC (with relay latched)Relays: 2 C Form Relays Contact Rating: 1 A @ 24 VDC / .5 A @ 120 VAC Max Switching Voltage: 115 V / 220 V Max Carrying Current: 2A / 2A Max Switching Power: 28 W / 60VA Variable Relay Time: 1-99 SecondsDimensions: 6-5/8″(H) x 5-1/2″(W) x 4-1/4″(D)Weight: 5 lbs (23-206) or 7 lbs (23-206i, 23-206kp)

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