FAAC 640 Barrier Gate Opener

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FAAC 640 Barrier Gate Opener

The FAAC Model 640 barrier gate opener is the ideal hydraulic barrier for controlling heavy traffic at wide entrances. The 640 operates continuously, raising aluminum beams from 13 to 23 feet long in as little as 4 to 7 seconds.

The FAAC 640 always stops smoothly and gently, thanks to an adjustable electronic braking system which slows the beam down before the end of its travel when opening and closing. A heat sensor monitors the operator temperature, switching on a cooling fan when required.

The 624 MPS control panel is standard with the 640 barrier gate. The electronic intelligence of the 640 boom gate offers three different control logics: automatic, semi-automatic and car park (P), the latter specifically designed for automatic car lots The microprocessor in the 624 MPS control panel contains logic that allows it to fully and independently cycle the barrier upon receiving appropriate signals. It can also be set to follow specific open/close/stop instructions. Consequently, the barrier can be easily interconnected with other traffic control devices. The 624 MPS also features an emergency input which, for example, can be connected to a fire alarm...when the alarm is tripped, the barrier will open and stay open until reset

  • Hydraulic with opening and closing block
  • External release with triangular key
  • Ideal for control of traffic in intensively-used industrial accesses
  • Patented electronic deceleration
  • Statuses of the barrier can be indicated to the traffic control devices.

Easy to Maintain. Maintenance could not be simpler and diagnostic checks are immediate thanks to the input LEDs. Like all FAAC hydraulic operators, the 640 is completely self-contained for reliable operation.


Please specify the length and type of beam you plan to install so the correct counterbalancing springs can be shipped.

Specify color! Available in orange or white cabinet.

Specify left or right hand operation.


Product Info
Features Features
Adjustable hydraulic pressures to control swing
Hydraulic anti-crushing safety
Hydraulic open & closed locking positions
External key-operated manual release
Simple interface with revenue control system
Powder coated steel cabinet
Versatile model 455D control panel
Quiet operation
1/3 hp motor
Specifications Quick Specs
Max Arm Length 23 ft
Speed to 90° 4-7 secs


FAAC 640 Automatic Barriers Gates Brochure 298.97KB
FAAC 640 Manual 1.26MB

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