FAAC 750 CBAC Dual Leaf Swing Gate Opener

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FAAC 750 CBAC Dual Leaf Swing Gate Opener

This model is set in the ground, is next to invisible, and is super quiet when operating. It is hydraulic, heavy duty, and can swing gates up to 13' feet in length and a maximum of 1760lbs. The 750 underground/in-ground unit is ideal for double artistic gates, so as to not aesthetically detract from the gate design. It is specifically designed to handle a wide range of uses, from residential to commercial, up to 45 cycles an hour. This opener hydraulically locks the gate in both the open and closed positions, and is self-lubricating, which makes maintenance minimal. UL325 Compliant. Mounting dimensions, wind factor, and gate design will affect performance specifications. An electric or magnetic lock is recommended for any gate longer than 8 foot. Physical positive gate stops, which limit gate travel in both the closed and open position, are required. The foundation box makes the installation much easier, and a this hydraulic unit allows for maximum anti-crushing safety. 


Product Info
Features Features
Power and invisibility make the 750 ideal for large, ornate gates
The drive unit is set in the ground while the pump unit is above the ground
Equipped with a hydraulic bypass for extra anti-entrapment protection
Versatile FAAC control panel offers six operating modes, including garage-door-like operation and a HOLD OPEN function
Hydraulic locking in the opened and/or closed positions
Convenient manual release is standard
Model 750 Kit Includes:
One or two pump motor assemblies
One or two drive units with metal enclosure and top
One or two 33 ft lengths of flex hose & one or two connector kit
One or two foundation plates
One 455 D control panel
One 14 x 16 in. weather resistant UL Listed fiberglass enclosure
One photobeam set for opening and closing reversing devices
One plug-in radio receiver
Two radio transmitter
115 VAC receptacle for accessories (5 amp max.)
ON/OFF switch controlling power to control panel, accessories and plug outlet
Large pre-wired terminals for easy wiring to control panel
Test button
Two or four warning signs
Specifications Quick Specs
Max Leaf Length 13 ft
Max Leaf Weight 1760 lbs
Speed to 90 ° (secs) 12


FAAC 750 brochure 5.63MB
FAAC 750 Gate Safety Manual 1.85MB
FAAC 750 Manual 1.71MB

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