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NorthStar NP2 Loop Detector

NorthStar NP2 Loop Detector
NorthStar NP2 Loop Detector
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Quit having to replace loop detectors every 3 or 4 years. Buy the best and be done with it! These last as long as our best gate openers. Think they are expensive? Buy one instead of three of the cheaper ones over the life of your equipment!

Northstar NP2 has been specifically designed and engineered for use in the Parking/Access Control industries. With standard operations including programmable pulse and presence options, fail-safe or fail-secure operation, compatibility with all radio controls, timing features and more, the NP2 covers your detection needs.

The NP2’s wide inductance range allows for use with small loops sometimes found in the Parking/Access Control industries (for recommended loop sizes please consult the Northstar Loop Information Guide).

Separate indicators for power on, detect relay 1, detect relay 2 and fault provide for quick visual verification of proper operation. Loop diagnostics are easily viewed with the front panel fault indicator, differentiating between current and historical faults thus facilitating troubleshooting.

Small size and full list of features lend the NP2 to any Parking/Access Control use from simple presence detection to configured pulse/presence lengths with output extensions and/or delays.

Reliable operation and long field life are key engineering goals in every Northstar product.

Product Info
Features10 selectable Sensitivities 4 selectable Frequencies Wrong voltage protection Output Timing – Extend & Delay Selectable Presence times Selectable Pulse lengths Separate Power, Detect and Fault Indicators Automatic Sensitivity Boost 1 Year Warranty
SpecificationsRelay Output Rating: 7A 277VAC/30VDCPower: 240 VAC, 120 VAC or 12-24 VAC/DC (70mA DC or 1W AC)Inductance Range: 20uH to 1500uHTemperature Range: -30 F to +180 FLead-In Length: up to 2500 ft. with proper lead-in and loop.Dimensions: 1 3/8”W X 3 3/32”H X 3 ½”LWeight: 8 ozSupply Voltage – incorrect voltage supplied to the unit will not result in damage, the unit will simply not operate until correct voltage is supplied. No fuses need to be reset.Indicators – front panel indicators include: Power – Green, solid with correct power supplied Relay 1 – Red, solid during detect Relay 2 – Red, solid during detect Fault – Yellow, solid during current fault, flashing for historical fault Sensitivity Boost – automatic during detect except in the highest sensitivity setting (9).Factory Options: Presence lengths of 15, 30, 60 minutes or permanent Pulse lengths of 250mS, 500mS, 1, 2 or 4 seconds Extend times of 0, 2, 5 or 10 seconds Delay times of 0, 1, 2 or 4 seconds Relay 1 fail-safe or fail-secure Relay 2 fail-safe or fail-secure11 Pin Connector: Pin # Function Color 1 Power (+) Black 2 Power (-) White 3 Relay 2 N.O. Orange 4 Ground Green 5 Relay 1 Com Yellow 6 Relay 1 N.O. Blue 7 Loop Gray 8 Loop Brown 9 Relay 2 Com Red 10 Relay 1 N.C. White/Blk 11 Relay 2 N.C. White/Red

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