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Gate access controls enable you to control access to an automatic gate operator. This device is for a residence, commercial, or industrial facility. There are different devices that can control a gate.

Card Readers

A device that utilizes a pre-issued card which the holder inserts or swipes on the reader. The card contains the code which the reader will verify or reject.

Cell Phone Gate Entry

Cell phone gate entry systems allow you to control your gate through your cell phone.


This device has a numbered keypad and users must input a numbered code in order to open the gate opener. Some of these keypads can hold hundreds of codes and can have hold-open codes which hold the gate open. This can be useful for parties or when you expect a visitor.

Telephone Entry

Some customers like to talk to guests before letting them enter. Telephone or intercom systems provide for this. Some include video cameras to display visitors and even send the signal to a recording device. This option is ideal for homes, gated communities and apartments.

Other Accessories

Gate Openers Direct offers various accessories to help improve your gate opener and offer more features. We offer loops, siren detectors, transmitters, radio receivers, and intrusion detection.

Brand: EMX Model: CS101-100
The CarSense101 vehicle motion detector kit has a sensing probe that is typically buried in the dirt, out of site, next to the driveway, but it can be used in nearly any practical fashion. Housed in a small, relay-type housing, the CarSense101 detector tucks away and is easy to use with any gate ope..
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: 318N
This is a universal 2 channel radio receiver that can be installed into any gate operator in the industry, allowing them to work on the new Nice Apollo technology. The unit can receive and memorize up to 63 remotes/transmitters. A particular receiver output can be associated to each remote..
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: Bluebus Photoeye
The EPMB/A, EPMOB/A and EPLOB/A photocells detect obstacles on the optical axis between a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). These devices are equipped with the Nice BlueBUS communication system which makes it easy to connect all the devices up to the control units using two wires only...
Brand: Nice Apollo Model: OXI/A Reciever
Nice Multi Channel, 433MHz Plug in receiverPlug in receiver that fits the new 1050 circuit board. Advanced features with Era One and Inti TransmittersThese receivers are not compatible with Homelink®Receivers can receive and memorize up to 1000 codes/transmitters...
Brand: NorthStar Controls Model: NP2
Quit having to replace loop detectors every 3 or 4 years. Buy the best and be done with it! These last as long as our best gate openers. Think they are expensive? Buy one instead of three of the cheaper ones over the life of your equipment!Northstar NP2 has been specifically designed and engineered ..
Brand: NorthStar Controls Model: NP2-ES
When only the best will do. Tired of replacing 3 and 4 yr old detectors? This is the one that lasts as long as the best openers we sell! Think they are too expensive? Cheapest one you can buy if you never have to replace it.Northstar NP2 has been specifically designed and engineered for use in the P..
Brand: NorthStar Controls Model: NP3
Northstar NP3 has been specifically designed and engineered for use in the Parking/Access Control industries and is designed for use where open, safety and exit loops are used. With standard operations including compatibility with all radio controls and more, the NP3 covers your low power, plug-in..
Brand: RamSet Model: BatteryBackup
A completely enclosed battery back up system that utilizes a 12VDC motor. During power outs this dependable Ramset BBS system will either automatically open the gate or will open the gate with a command from a key or other mechanical switch...
Brand: RamSet Model: FireBox
Ramset provides the fire department easy access through automated gates in the case of an emergency. The fire access box utilizes a standard padlock (not included). When the fire department arrives, the padlock is removed or cut allowing the gate to safely open without causing any damage. When the f..
Brand: Secura Key Model: NETCONV
DB-9 Female RS-232 to RS-422/485 Conv. without Power Supply..
Brand: Secura Key Model: NETCONVP
DB-9 Female RS-232 to RS-422/-485 Conv. w/ Power Supply (Req when computer is >100’ From SK-ACPE, SK-MRCP or 28SA+)..
SecuraKey RK-HHP Hand Held Programmer
-100 %
Brand: Secura Key Model: RK-HHP
Hand-Held Programmer (Needed to program the RK-65K, RK-65KS, RKDT-SA-S, RKDT-SA-M and RK600e)The new Securakey RK-HHP fits in the palm of your hand. Just hold it in front of the access control unit and press the keys to add or remove cards. In seconds you can add users, delete users, set the lat..
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