AAS StandAlone Proximity / Key Pad Combination

AAS StandAlone Proximity / Key Pad Combination

  • Brand: American Access Systems
  • Product Code: AAS23-006/KPS ProxPad Combo - Remote Slave Unit
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AAS StandAlone Proximity / Key Pad Combination

What do you get when you combine the latest in proximity technology with a proven keypad? The American Access Systems, Inc. ProxPad system! This model is built for years of trouble free use by utilizing a rugged, heavy metal, black powder coated enclosure and high grade stainless steel faceplate.

The ProxPad can be conveniently configured for use as a stand alone system, or as a remote system that can hook up to almost any 26-bit Wiegand controller (including the AAS ProAccess 200 PC controller.) Each ProxPad unit can further be setup to use the prox reader and keypad independently of each other, or to use them in conjunction, allowing for higher security by utilizing both card reader and pin code to fire the relay.

The AAS ProxPad is the ideal choice for any application in which a proximity reader and keypad are needed for additional security or just for dual modes of entry. With the stand alone system, there is even an optional printer that can record the entry times and dates of all prox card users.


Features Code Capacity: Prox - 2000, Keypad - 100 P
Programmable Personal Master Code
Programmable Latch Code
Audible Tone
Non-volatile memory
Night Light
Pinhole Camera (optional)
RS-232 port for serial printer (proximity only)
Specifications Card Capacity
Proximity Pad 2000
Card Capacity
Key Pad 100


AAS StandAlone Proximity_ Key Pad Combination ProxPad Brochure 940.4KB
AAS StandAlone Proximity_ Key Pad Combination ProxPad Manual 455.78KB

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