Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board

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Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board

The Nice Apollo advanced 1050 board is compatible with all Nice Apollo 12 VDC and 24 VDC products. This control board has innovative functions for convenience and safety. The integrated control unit offers several features such as adjustable soft-start and soft-stop, assignable remote control functions, 7 day programmable timer to hold your gate open on specific days at specific times, as wells as programmable inputs and outputs to perform just about any function you desire. It also has master/slave management capabilities, which controls and synchronizes the movement of two motors for dual applications. Additional safety features: speed, force, sensitivity to obstacles, and position of the gate can be adjusted according to installation conditions. Reliable: a battery back-up system guarantees continued operation during power outages. Solar power compatible: a solar-friendly mode, and built-in regulated charging for up to a 30 W panel. The large LCD display with menus makes programming and controlling the system easy and trouble-free. Upgrade your current operator's control board or purchase a new gate operator with the 1050 pre-installed.

Click here for an interactive guide of the 1050 circuit board.

Click here for an interactive programming guide of the 1050 control board.


Product Info
Features LCD display
7 day programmable event timer
Innovative Obstacle Detection System
Surge Protection
Programmable Inputs and Outputs
Advanced Dual Gate Management
Solar power compatible
Built in solar regulator
Socket for Optional Plug & Play Radio Receiver (add-on)
Model Compatibility Swing Models:
912L - Titan Single
912L - Titan Dual

Slide Models:


Apollo 1050 Control Board Manual 4.25MB
Apollo 1050 Retrofit Install Sheet 306.9KB
Apollo1050 Specifications Sheet 177.58KB

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