SecuraKey RKDT-WS

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SecuraKey RKDT-WS

Proximity Reader (Dual Technology), Switchplate Style, 125 KHz, Beige

The Radio Key® RKDT dual technology card readers feature compact, weather-resistant, surface mounted housings. They are available in either mullion mount (RKDT-WM) or wallswitch (RKDT-WS) form factors. The RKDT-WM/WS adds HID® prox card compatibility with many formats to the popular Radio Key® proximity readers.

It can be used where HID® and Secura Key cards are combined at the same facility, or where customers are transitioning from HID® to Secura Key. The reader can be set to read either technology or both, and following a transition period, reading capability for either technology can be “turned off.” *The RKDT-WM/WS works with Secura Key 26 or 32-bit cards, as well as HID® passive cards with non-proprietary 26 – 37 bit “pass-through” formats



SecuraKey RKDT-WM-WS Installation Instructions 169.68KB
SecuraKey RKDT WS/WM Data Sheet 197.21KB

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