Ramset RAM 3100 Swing Gate Operator

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Ramset RAM 3100 Swing Gate Operator

The robust RAM 3000 series features Ramset's strongest and most powerful operators, able to swing a gate up to 1200 lbs. The series available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 hp, continuous duty motor, with high speed ball bearings and resettable overload button.  This powerhouse is both durable and reliable and each motor includes Ramset's whisper quiet operation.


Product Info
Features Control Board:
easy to configure solid state board with features such as LED readouts to indicate status of operator at all times

Electronic Reversing Device (ERD):
two separate adjustments for reversing when encountering obstruction during opening or closing; reverses for 1 second and stops

Audio Alarm:
audio alarm will sound for approximately six minutes, but only when the gate hits an obstruction twice; input to reset alarm included.

Automatic Timer:
can be set from 0 to 60 seconds

Maximum Running Timer:
motor shuts off after 60 seconds

Included five wire connection plug to synchronize movement between two gates

Electronic Inputs:
for radio receiver, fire department box, numeric key pad, metal detector, center loop, telephone entry system, three button station, photo cell, safety edge and magnetic lock

RAM3000: Perfect for commercial/industrial installations. RAM3100: Perfect for commercial/industrial heavy duty installations where 120VAC is present. RAM3200: Perfect for commercial/industrial heavy duty installations where 220VAC is present.

Mechanical Features


Ram-3000: instant reversing 1/2 HP, 120 VAC, 4.5 amp, 1625 rpm with high speed ball bearings
Ram-3100: instant reversing 3/4 HP, 120 VAC, 8.2 amp, 1625 rpm with high speed ball bearings
Ram-3200: instant reversing 1 HP, 220 VAC, 4.5 amp, 1625 rpm continuous duty motor

Maximum Gate Size & Weight

Ram-3000: 22' @ 800 lbs.
Ram-3100: 22' @ 1200 lbs.
Ram-3200: 22' @ 1200 lbs.

Continuous Duty

Gate Traveling Speed:
approximately 18 seconds per 90 degrees

robust 1/4" hot rolled metal, sanded, and zinc/gold plated to inhibit corrosion

Speed Reducer:
two high quality worm gear reducers continuously lubricated in an oil bath

black heavy-duty fiberglass with high gloss finish (optional access door for cover)

Emergency Release:
hand lever release or optional battery back-up system (bbs-2000)

Shipping Weight:
120 lbs. / 145 lbs. / 155 lbs.

10-Years limited warranty

Ramset Automatic Gate Systems Inc. offers a 1-year warranty on electric motor, gear reducer, chassis and circuit board on all Ramset’s models of vehicular gate operators. This warranty can be extended to a total of 10-years on residential installations and to a total of 7-years for commercial installations.
Specifications Maximum Travel / Weight 22 ft / 1200 lbs
Motor: Continuous Duty
Operating Temperature: -10 to 160 degrees F.
Overall Dimensions: 28 ½” x 18” x 23”


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