Linear AE-1 Series Telephone Entry

Linear AE-1 Series Telephone Entry

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Linear AE-1 Series Telephone Entry

Linear's Telephone Entry combines telephone entry with full-featured access control, including keyless entry and panic functions. It is extremely easy to operate, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including apartments, condominiums, dormitories, office buildings, and gated communities. It offers security, convenience, and handicapped access.

As a telephone entry system, it provides full duplex telephone communications through hands-free operation, and controls four openings via touch-tone telephone. It is supplied in a rugged, stainless steel, surface mount housing that will withstand years in the toughest environments.

Remarkable ease of operation is made possible by a highly visible keypad and large display, which presents visitors with a scrolling directory of up to 3,500 occupants (residents or employees) by name and code. When a code is entered on the keypad, a two-way voice link is established so the occupant can identify the visitor and grant access. Occupants gain entry using a special transmitter by keyless entry.

AE-1 (64): 500 User / 500 Event Capacity
AE-1 (128): 1,000 User / 5,000 Event Capacity 
AE-1 (256): 2,500 User / 10,000 Event Capacity


Product Info
Features Features
Ideal entry system for apartments, condos, gated communities, dormitories, offices and other commercial sites
Extensive capacity - up to 3,500 users
Controls up to four portals via touch-tone telephone and keypad entry
RS485 capability for networking up to 32 doors
Full duplex telephone communications
Built-in radio for keyless entry - wireless activation from up to 250 feet away
Large LCD display, 2 lines by 16 characters
Field programmable directory, talk time, and display message
Selectable extended talk time
Accepts inputs from remote keypads, Wiegand cards, and proximity devices
Programming via built-in keypad or PC software
Optional sunlight visor and stainless steel post mounting plate
Can be networked - up to 64 units
Windows based software for installation management
Order number: ACP00718


RF: 318 MHz superheterodyne receiver with -90 dBm sensitivity; built-in 20 dBm adjustable attenuator for fine tuning radio performance
Keypad/Reader: Two sets of inputs for connecting remote keypads, card reader interfaces, or remote receivers
Open Request: Contact closure to ground activates channel A or B relays
Programming: Internal keypad for local programming
Access Buttons: One button for each of the four relays; used to manually control relays

Relay: Four form "C" relays, rated at 3 amps with programmable output duration; all four can be configured for open/close; A and B can be supervised for status; C and D can be configured for control; all relay contacts have RFI, ARC, and lightning suppression
Weigand: Wiegand compatible signals for adding RF capability to other access control systems; 26 , 30 , and 31 bit formats are supported
RS232: One port for connection to a local computer printer, or CRT; all communications are at 9600 baud


Linear AE-1 Brochure 155.73KB
Linear AE-1 Manual 246.9KB

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