Doorking 1812 Plus Telephone Entry

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Doorking 1812 Plus Telephone Entry

Made In America

The Doorking 1812 Plus is an updated version of the 1812 Classic and features an upgraded processor, a new high fidelity digital voice circuit, better volume control, a lighted push-button and additional call out telephone numbers (up to 27). This unique communication and access control system allows homeowners to use their existing telephone as an intercom to speak with a guest at a door or gate and is ideal for those applications requiring a basic, single door or gate, access control solution.


Product Info
Features - Call waiting.
- Call forwarding with time zone restrictions.
- Unique double ring.
- Built-in clock / calendar.
- Do-not-disturb feature.
- Four "hold open" time zones.
- Answer machine bypass feature.
- 50 5-digit entry codes with time zone restrictions on some codes.
- 10 Tempory entry codes with start and end dates.
- Intercom mode for use with PBX and KSU phone systems.
- Camera ready.
- Connects directly to your existing C.O. (Central Office) phone line. No additional monthly expense for a separate telephone line to the entry system.
- Digital voice circuit for cyrstal clear communication.
- Unique double ring identifies calls from the 1812.
- Two relays allow control of two doors or gates.
- Answer machine bypass feature allows the homeowner to call the 1812 from an off site location and "by-pass" a home answering machine to perform programming operations.
- Built-in call waiting so calls from the access system are never missed - even if you're on the phone.
- Call forwarding - never miss an access system call, even if you're away from your home. And you can even create a time zone for when you want your calls to be forwarded.
- Dial-out function provides up to 27 alternate phone numbers for the system to call.
- Do-not-disturb feature allows the homeowner to set times when the access system will not ring the house phones.
- Program up to four "hold-open" time zones to keep your door or gate open during certain times of the day.
- Program up to 50 individual five (5) digit entry codes. You can even time zone restrict certain entry codes.
- Program up to 10 temporary entry codes with start and end dates and time zone restrictions. Great for allowing service companies entry to your property.
- Special intercom programming mode allows the 1812 to be connected directly to a PBX or KSU phone system.
Specifications - Hands free, full duplex digital audio circuit.
- 1812 Plus Capacity:
Interfaces with a single phone line
27 dial-out phone numbers
Two relays for door or gate control.
- 1812 Plus Programming Method: System keypad or touch-tone telephone.
- 16 VAC, 20 VA (250 ma) power transformer provided.
- FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-0
- DOC (CAN): 1736 4507 A
- Complies with UL 294; ETL Listed.
- Surface mount dimensions: 6.13"H x 10"W x 5.25"D.
- Surface curved mount dimensions: 7.38 "H x 10.88"W x 6"D
- Flush mount dimensions: 9.13"H x 11.88"W x 4.5"D.
- Wall mount dimensions: 7.38"H x 10.75"W x 3.5"D


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