Viking Access Q-7 Slide Gate Operator

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Viking Access Q-7 Slide Gate Operator

Viking Access Systems Q-7™ Slide Gate Operator is equipped with mechanical manual release freeing the gate completely from the gear drive.​ Some of the standard features include: 5 year commercial warranty, UL325 and UL991 compliance, innovative fine tune adjustment for the end of gate travel ( down to 1/8” ), adaptive algorithm with smooth acceleration and deceleration, and more than 1/2 kilowatt of power. This commercial slide gate operator comes with a built in battery backup system capable of 100 cycles in case of power failure, and a powerful and efficient gear-head motor.

Max Gate Capacity - 7000lbs / 120'

Max Operating Speed - 14" per second

Max Duty Cycle - 100% Continuous - 100% duty cycle means that you can run your operator 24/7 with absolute confidence.


Features Adjustable "on the fly" Speed Control
True Seamless Battery Backup
Soft-Start & Soft-Stop for Smooth Operation
Built-In Surge Protection
Built-In Multilayer Lightening Protection
Built-In Heater for Extreme Climates
Solar Smart Power Saving Standby Technology
3 Layers of Chassis Corrosion Protection
Convenient Manual Release & Reset Button
Maglock Ready (maglock sold separately)
High Efficiency Transformer
Selectable 115/230VAC Power Input
Convenient J-Box for Quick High Voltage Wiring During Install
3 LEDs to Indicate Power Supply Status
Open/Stop/Close Buttons Integrated Into Control Board
LED Diagnostic Lights For Ease of Troubleshooting
Convenient Diagnostic LCD Display
On-Board Multimeter
Adjustable Automatic Close Timer
Bluetooth Capable Diagnostic Tool (additional accessory required)
Bluetooth Capable Master/Slave Setup (additional accessory required)
Digital Limits - Fast and Easy to Set (models K2, L3, H10, Q7 only)
Removable Modular Power Box (models L3, H10, F1, T21 only)
Convenient Loop Detector Rack (models L3, H10, Q7, F1, T21 only)
Alternative Post Mount Ready Chassis (models L3, H10 only)
Vacation "Lock Mode" (models K2, L3, H10, Q7 only)
Specifications Operational Voltage: 24 DC
Horsepower: 2
Main Power Source: 115 / 230 AC Single Phase or 24 AC/DC Solar Compatible
Battery 35 AmpHr: 12 DC x 2
Max Gate Capacity: 7000 lbs / 55'
Traveling Speed: 14" per Second
Battery Backup: 100 Full Continuous Duty Cycles (4000 lbs)
Maximum Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous Cycle
Operating Temperature: -4° F to 160° F


Viking Q-7 Slide Gate Brochure 7.26MB
Viking Q-7 Slide Gate Manual 3.14MB

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