SecuraKey 26SA

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SecuraKey 26SA

The legendary TOUCH CARD® reader is one of SecuraKey’s major contributions to Access Control. SecuraKey replaced unreliable reed switches and pickup coils with an array of self-calibrating Hall-Effect sensors, which read the polarity of magnetized locations on a BariumFerrite card. The user places the card on a non-magnetic stainless steel plate, which eliminates the requirement for a card slot, and protects the circuitry from weather and vandalism. Extremely rugged weatherproof housings with high-security locks and steel mounting plates have kept these units in service for many years. These card readers are still widely used in gate, parking, and telephone entry applications due to their reliability and simplicity



Securakey 26SA Manual 433.57KB
SecuraKey 26SA & 28SA Plus Data Sheet 216.87KB

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