HURRICANE PREPARATION ON YOUR GATE OPENER CAN SAVE YOU HUGE MONEY!! Thank you for following our page. Please share this info to help others! Most people don't think about their gate opener when preparing for a major storm, but doing a few easy things can save your entire opener from any damage. #1 - TURN OFF THE POWER TO YOUR OPENER SYSTEM - water driven into electronics will short them out. #2 IF YOUR OPENER HAS BATTERY BACKUP you will need to open the cover where the control board is and UNPLUG THE BATTERIES so they don't continue to power the board after you turn power off. #3 - GATE OPENERS WILL NOT WITHSTAND THE PRESSURES OF SUCH HIGH WIND LOADS - DISCONNECT YOUR OPENER FROM YOUR GATE and then chain or tie the gate into the open or closed position so that the opener does not carry these loads. This prevents mechanical damage. #4 - AFTER THE STORM DO NOT JUST TURN IT ALL BACK ON - Moisture that has been driven into the opener needs to dry thoroughly before being powered back up AND IF YOUR EQUIPMENT WENT UNDER WATER FROM FLOODING IT NEEDS TO BE RINSED THOROUGHTLY WITH FRESH WATER TO REMOVE AS MUCH SILT, MUD, AND DEBRIS AS POSSIBLE then let it dry thoroughly before attempting to power it back up. If you need us we are here to help! 713-330-3333 AND WE WILL RETURN CALLS LEFT ON VM DURING OFF HOURS TO HELP ANY WAY WE CAN! We are natives of the Gulf Coast and been through many hurricanes. God Bless each of you and put life safety first!