Types of Automatic Gate Openers

Much like garage door openers, automatic gate openers have become a necessity. They can provide ease of access to your property, as well as provide security. There are several different types of gate openers that work well based on differing applications. In addition to there being different types of gate openers, there is also different ways that gate openers may be hung or mounted on hinges, columns, or posts. Additionally, gate openers can be made of different materials, have different power access, and be made to handle different wind and weather conditions. You may use your gate opener only a few times a day or you could be opening and closing it constantly. In this article, we will go over a few different types of gate openers. However, if you have any questions Gate Openers Direct is always just a phone call away to help you select the best gate operator for your individual needs.

Sliding Gate Openers

A sliding automatic gate operator is a perfect solution when space is tight behind your fence.  In this application, the gate will run along the fence or wall. Furthermore, they are a good solution for steep inclines. Steep grades can prohibit the use of a swing gate. There are two types of slide gate operators: chain-driven or rack/pinion style. They both work by pulling either the chain or rack past the motor operator.

Slide gates use V-groove wheels on a track. Gate roller guides are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point also called a gate catcher, is on the post opposite the motor operator to help stabilize the gate in the closed position.


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Swing Gate Openers

The operation of a swing gate opener is that it swings a gate on a hinge either inward or outward. There are 3 types of swinging automatic gate openers:


Actuator – This type of opener works by using a ram arm. This is located on the gate and post and uses a piston that changes the length of the distance between the gate bracket and the post bracket.

Pad-Mounted - this type of opener uses an articulating arm to pull the gate open and push the gate closed. They handle wind load and other obstructions better than an actuator.

Underground – This automatic opener works similar to the pad mounted operator.  It uses an articulating arm to open and close the gate. The major difference here is that the operator is mounted underground.

One item to consider is how often your gates will open and close. Usually it is a minimal cost to upgrade to a heavy-duty gate opener or operator, which in the long run may save you money and down time.

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Overhead Gate Openers

Overhead gate openers look like garage door openers. However, these gates are much heavier than a garage door. These automatic gate openers are ideal for commercial underground parking garages. These operators use a heavy-duty overhead track to open gates.

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Vertical Lift Gate

Are you out of space for any gate to move?  Do not worry.  This is the ideal situation to use a vertical liftgate. This automatic opener will simply lift a gate up in the air and then close it.

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Barrier Gates

Barrier automatic gate openers are often referred to as Boom Gates, Parking Gates, or Traffic Control Gates. These operators are different in that they use a boom arm that pivots to block vehicle access.  The tip of the gate arm rises in a vertical arc to a near-vertical position. These operators are ideal for apartments, parking lots, or where traffic control is needed.

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