EMX CS101 Free Exit Probe Kit

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EMX CS101 Free Exit Probe Kit

The CarSense101 vehicle motion detector kit has a sensing probe that is typically buried in the dirt, out of site, next to the driveway, but it can be used in nearly any practical fashion. Housed in a small, relay-type housing, the CarSense101 detector tucks away and is easy to use with any gate opener.

For gate automation requiring free exit, the CarSense101 vehicle motion detector with sensing probe detects vehicles moving towards the gate and can automatically trigger the opener. Typically used for exiting, it can also be used for entering (where livestock control is the goal over security). For that configuration, a second probe can be installed and wired to the same detector, so the gate will automatically open, regardless of what side the vehicle approaches from.

The CarSense101 vehicle motion detector with sensing probe provides a solution for many vehicle detection challenges. Where safety is an issue, the CarSense101 can detect moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path, and can be used to actuate warning lights.

Where security is an issue, the CarSense101 can detect approaching vehicles or an unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle and activate an alarm, video camera, etc..


Product Info
Kit Includes 100' cable attached to probe sensor
CS101 Detector
Socket Base
Features Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel
Available in 9 – 41 VDC 6 – 29 VAC
Low 2.5 mA standby current consumption (excellent for solar applications)
Housed in a small, relay-type housing
Surge protection
Adjustable Output Time
Adjustable Sensitivity
Easy to use and install
Easy upgrade or switch out to new devices
Quick access to controls
Buried sensing probe is not visable
Specifications Power Supply:
9 – 41 VDC or 6 – 29 VAC

Power Supply Tolerance:
+/-20% from the power rating

Stand-by Current:
2.5mA maximum

Detect Current:
50mA maximum

Relay Type:

Relay Rating:
1A 24V DC 120V AC

High, Low adjustment

Off Delay:
1 to 5 seconds adjustment

Control Unit Temperature Range:
-40° F to 170° F

Probe Temperature Range:
-40° F to 170° F

Power On Indicator:
High intensity Green LED

Detect Indicator:
High intensity Red LED

Sensitivity Control:
Continuous adjustment

Off Delay Control:
Continuous adjustment

Surge Protection:
MOV, neon and silicon protection devices

Control Unit Housing:
Break resistant Polycarbonate

H:2.2”(55mm), W:1.6”(41mm), D:3.25”(84mm)

86CP11 11 pin connector

PVC water tight housing (Length 17”, Diameter 1”) with shielded direct burial lead-in cable


EMX CS101 Brochure 721.11KB
EMX CS101 Manual 375.28KB

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