Securitron GL1 Gate Lock -  electromechanical gate lock

Securitron GL1 Gate Lock - Electromechanical Gate Lock

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Securitron GL1 Gate Lock

This Securitron electromechanical gate lock offers ONE TON of holding force, and can be used with electric or solar openers. Unlike electromagnetic locks, this unit does not require constant power to hold the gate securely, making it absolutely perfect for solar applications because of the brief and very low use of power (12DC or 24VDC) during every cycle.

The heavy duty GL1 electromechanical gate lock provides weather-resistant security for a wide range of gate applications. It boasts a life-time warranty and provides 2000lbs of holding force for electrical and manually operated indoor or outdoor gates where preload (up to 100lbs) is a concern. Can be used on swing or slide gates, and has a floating catch that allows some forgiveness in gate or post or ground movement.

An all-around tough and reliable lock that is also aesthetically pleasant!


Product Info
Features 2,000 lbs holding force
Operates under preload up to 100lbs
Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required
Accepts a standard mortise cylinder with Adams Rite MS cam for manual key override (not included, see spacer guide below)
Self-aligning receiver (+/- 1/2" horizontally) helps compensate for gate misalignment and sag
Tamper resistant cast housing
Optional latch status monitor
Surface mount
MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty
Specifications Holding Force: 2000lbs [907kg]
Dimensions: 2-3/4"L x 7-1/4"W x 3-1/4"D
-12 Volts Initial (Peak): (~1.0 sec.) @ 870mA - Reduced: 290mA Power
Consumption: 3.5 Watts
-24 Volts Initial (Peak): (~1.0 sec.) @ 720mA - Reduced: 170mA Power
Consumption: 4.1 Watts
Operating temperature: -58 to +167F [-50 to +75C]
-Indoor or outdoor use
Shipping Weight: 6lbs [2.72kg]
Finishes: Black Finish


Securitron GL Brochure 603.78KB
Securitron GL Manual 1.25MB

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