Nice Apollo 8300 Slide Gate Operator 1/2HP

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Nice Apollo 8300 Slide Gate Operator 1/2HP

The manufacturer has discontinued this model. Their suggested alternative is the model 8500, which is a heavier duty direct bolt-in replacement for the 8300. An equivalent suggestion by a different manufacturer would be the DoorKing 9024.

Nice Apollo 8300 is for premium grade residential sliding or commercial sliding applications. Designed for sliding gates up to a maximum of 1000 lbs and as long as 40 feet. Chain driven, with a true 1/2hp DC motor, and integrated 1050 circuit board.

24 V motor, 120 Vac Slide Gate Operator. Easy to program: speed, force, sensitivity to obstacles and other parameters can be simply adjusted according to specific site and installation conditions and needs. Easy to install: all parts requiring initial adjustment, such as the limit switches, are easily accessible. Thanks to the pivot support, the integrated control unit 1050 can be tilted to make programming more comfortable: its LCD large display shows the status of the operator and allows easy visual observation of the input leds. Innovative: the integrated 1050 circuit board offers several features, such as 7 day programming, protection against electric shocks, programmable connections to external accessories such as lights, keypads, etc. Plug-in receiver: up to 1,000 rolling-code transmitters, with more than 2X range than industry standard. Master/slave management: two units synchronized for dual application. Reliable: the operator is safely protected from water and dust by the cover which can be easily removed to access the mechanical release in case of emergency. Corrosion resistant. The inside controls are separated from the external drive assembly to avoid water, dirty or small animals. Smart management of the battery charging. Solar power compatible.

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Kit Includes
Kit Includes The Nice Apollo 8300 Slide Gate Opener Includes:

The Latest Nice Digital 1050 Control Board
Heavy Duty Direct Drive True 1hp DC Motor
Heavy Duty Metal Chassis (Powdercoated Black)
2qty Nice Keychain Long Range Remotes
Plug & Play Radio Reciever
2qty Chain Brackets
2qty Chain Bolts
30 Feet of #40 Chain
Easy Keyed Manual Release Mechanism
InfraRed Safety Beam Set
2qty Keys for the Manual Release
Features APPLICATIONS: AC Powered or Solar & Battery Operated*. For premium grade residential or light commercial applications. Designed for sliding gates up to a maximum of 1000 lbs and as long as 40 feet.

24VDC motor, 120 VAC main power.
Easy to install
LCD Display
Plug-in receiver: up to 1,000 rolling-code transmitters
7 day programmable event timer
Innovative Obstacle Detection System
Surge Protection
Programmable Inputs and Outputs
Advanced Dual Gate Management
Solar power compatible
Built in solar regulator
Corrosion resistant
Solar power compatible*

*all solar applications have limitations - please consult us for solar use
Specifications Input Power

24VDC 1/2 HP

Maximum Speed
11 (in/s)

Maximum Force
101 (lbf)

Working Temp
-4F to 150F

18.1 L x 18.5 W x 27.5 H

210 lbs


Apollo 8300 Manual 5.15MB
Apollo 8300 Specifications 313.17KB

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