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When it comes to securing your property, you need a gate opener that is reliable, durable, and easy to use. That's where FAAC gate openers come in. With their cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, FAAC gate openers are the perfect solution for your security needs. At Gate Openers Direct, we're proud to offer a wide selection of FAAC gate openers.

FAAC International, the world leader in automatic gate systems, produces automatic swing gate openers and sliding gate openers. They are an Italian manufacturer known for their high-quality products. FAAC makes automatic gate opener solutions for a vast array of applications. If you are looking for residential solutions or industrial barrier gate solutions, they have it. This is why Gate Openers Direct is proud to sell its products. If you have any questions about gate openers or gate access controls, please call us today!

*** Protect your investment.*** Purchases of gate openers from unauthorized resellers VOID MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES in most cases. Quality products need quality installation support and technical support after the sale. Most internet resellers cannot provide that service, which voids a large part of your investment, the warranty. Shop confidently that all warranties remain intact when you buy from Gate Openers Direct.

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FAAC Gate Openers

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Brand: FAAC Model: 390
The FAAC Model 390 was designed to accommodate large pillar/column installations. This unit provides a sleek solution to avoid using a bulky ground unit. It reaches around the column to move the gate, allowing you to avoid the need to cut/notch out the rock or brick to accommodate a traditional resi..
$2,750.00 $4,740.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 390
Explore the bespoke design and advanced functionalities of the FAAC 390 Single Swing Gate Opener. Specifically engineered to accommodate large pillar/column installations, it offers a sleek and non-bulky alternative to traditional ground units. With its unique design, it efficiently maneuvers around..
$1,698.00 $3,074.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 400 CBAC Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit
When "Simply the Best" will do in a limited space application, the HYDRAULIC FAAC DUAL 400 Actuator kit is as tough as they get! Hydraulics are what heavy equipment uses around the world for heavy gates that run many times a day. FAAC has been in this specialty end of the gate opener market for OVER..
$3,599.00 $6,416.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 400 CBAC Single Gate Opener Complete Kit
When "Simply the Best" is required in a limited space application, the HYDRAULIC FAAC 400 Actuator is as tough as they get! Hydraulics are what heavy equipment uses around the world for heavy gates that run many times a day. FAAC has been in this specialty end of the gate opener market for OVER 50 Y..
$2,199.00 $4,031.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 402 CBC
Meet the FAAC 402 CBAC Dual Swing Gate Opener - your optimal solution for a robust residential gateway. Mirroring features of larger swing gate openers, yet maintaining a compact form, this model blends functionality and convenience seamlessly.The FAAC 402 is highly compact, making it ideal for inst..
$2,519.00 $4,466.88
Brand: FAAC Model: 402 CBC
FAAC 402 Swing Gate OpenerExperience the perfect blend of compactness and functionality with the FAAC 402 CBAC Single Swing Gate Opener. Ideally engineered for private residences, this swing gate operator mimics the features of larger operators but in a more space-friendly design.Its hydraulic mecha..
$1,669.00 $2,957.04
Brand: FAAC Model: 415D
Guarantee safety and efficacy with the FAAC 415 Low Voltage Dual Gate Opener – an electromechanical swing gate operator designed for residential use, offering both power and versatility.Rooted in ingenuity, the FAAC 415 mandates using the model 455 D control panel, enabling you to operate a single l..
$2,250.00 $4,165.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 415DH
Introducing the FAAC 415 High Voltage Dual Leaf Gate Opener (Master/Slave) - a perfect amalgamation of quality, durability, reliability, and performance for your residential gate operations. Operating at an impressive 120 volts AC, this gate opener is intended for non-commercial use and is designed ..
$2,179.00 $3,648.24
Brand: FAAC Model: 415H
Dive into the powerful and versatile world of residential gate systems with the FAAC 415 High Voltage Single Gate Opener. With its die-cast aluminum, double-coat painted body for long-life durability, this gate opener is designed for reliability and effectiveness. It incorporates a key-protected man..
$1,359.00 $2,224.80
Brand: FAAC Model: FAAC 415 Low Voltage Single COMPLETE KIT
FAAC 415 LOW VOLTAGE SINGLE GATE OPENER KITKIT INCLUDES:1 - 415 Low Voltage Actuator Arm1 - EO24U Control Board in Enclosure1 - Radio Receiver and Two 4-button remote controls1 - XP30 Photocell Pair2 - Conduit Acaptors for photocellsThe FAAC 415 Low Voltage Gate Kits standard features:• “In-axis” th..
$1,545.00 $2,782.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 422 CBAC
The FAAC 422 CBAC Dual Leaf Swing Gate Opener is a compact yet powerful unit designed for residential and small commercial use. Combining the features of large gate openers, this operator employs hydraulics, making it safer by eliminating many pinch points. Enhanced with a hydraulic bypass valve off..
$3,099.00 $5,744.00
Brand: FAAC Model: 422 CBAC
Experience advanced functionality with the FAAC 422 CBAC Single Leaf Swing Gate Opener. Created for private homes and small commercial facilities, this compact operator brings you the advantages of larger gate models. Designed with fewer ‘pinch points,' it enhances safety using hydraulics. Additiona..
$1,998.00 $3,737.00
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