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If you need industrial gate protection but do not have space for sliding or swinging gates, consider a lift gate. HySecurity is a leader in high-performance lift gates. The Hy in HySecurity is due to the hydraulic system that they created. HydraLift offers a continuous duty operator that raises up to 2,000 lb (907 kg) gate panel to full 16 ft (5 m) clear opening in 8 seconds (fast models). Post height and panel size are customizable options. Lifting posts are hot-dipped galvanized for superior anti-corrosion protection. Proven reliable hydraulics and industrial grade components mean low maintenance and long operator life.

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Model: tset345
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Brand: HySecurity Model: HydraLift 10
HySecurity HYDRALIFT 10 is a powerful, continuous duty, industrial grade, hydraulic vertical lift gate operator clearing multiple traffic lanes quickly. The 24 ft standard post height lifts an 8 ft tall, max 50 ft wide, 1,000 lb gate panel at 1 ft/s with ease, clearing a 16 ft high opening in 16 sec..
Brand: HySecurity Model: HydraLift 20
HySecurity HYDRALIFT 20 is the heaviest lifting, powerful, continuous duty, industrial grade, hydraulic vertical lift gate operator. It clears multiple traffic lanes quickly, clearing a 16 ft high opening in only 16 seconds. Well suited for snow/ice conditions and sites where additional space for sw..
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