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HySecurity is a trusted brand in the field of gate openers, known for their high-quality and reliable products. Their slide gate openers are designed to provide maximum security and convenience to homeowners and businesses alike. With advanced features such as obstacle detection and anti-tailgating technology, HySecurity slide gate openers offer unparalleled safety and protection. Whether you are looking to secure your residential slide gate opener or commercial property gate opener, investing in a HySecurity slide gate opener is a smart choice that will provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

SlideDriver - Legendary security, power, and durability.

SlideDriverIINext generation of security, power, and durability.

SlideSmart DC - Chain drive slide gate operator for commercial applications.

SlideSmart HD - Chain drive slide gate operator that's all business.

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Brand: HySecurity Model: SD80V
The HySecurity SlideDriver 2 SD80V represents a groundbreaking advancement in slide gate operators. SlideDriver II  builds upon a legacy of security and reliability with the new SmartTouch 725  control board. The SmartTouch 725 controller adds over 20 features to  SlideDriver II ..
HySecurity SlideDriver II 15 - Super Low New Pricing! HySecurity SlideDriver II 15 - Super Low New Pricing!
New -28 %
Brand: HySecurity Model: HySecurity SlideDriver II 15 - KIT
The NEW GENERATION OF SLIDE DRIVER gate opener.  SAME PRICE, NEWEST TECHNOLOGY!The HySecurity SlideDriver II 15 is a top-of-the-line slide gate operator engineered for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. Its powerful motor and precision-driven mechanism effortlessly move heavy ga..
$9,288.00 $12,853.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: SD200V
Introducing the HySecurity SlideDriver II 200V, the next-generation slide gate operator that combines decades of proven reliability with new features and smart control. Designed to meet the needs of demanding industrial and high-security applications, the SlideDriver II 200V provides unparalleled pe..
Brand: HySecurity Model: SD40
Introducing the HySecurity SlideDriver II 40, the premier slide gate operator for heavy-duty industrial, commercial, and high-security applications. Building on decades of experience, the SlideDriver II 40 is a new and improved version of the popular SlideDriver model, enhanced with advanced feature..
Brand: HySecurity Model: SD50F
Introducing the HySecurity SlideDriver 2 50F, the NEXT GENERATION slide gate operator designed specifically for demanding industrial and high-security applications. Building on decades of industry-leading reliability, the SlideDriver 2 50F incorporates new features and smart controls to deliver unpa..
HySecurity SlideSmart HD 15F FAST HySecurity SlideSmart HD 15F FAST
New -48 %
Brand: HySecurity Model: SLIDESMARTHD15F
    Make a real first impression you will always be proud of! YOUR GATE AND ITS'  PROPER OPERATION IS THE FIRST IMPRESSION YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS MAKES EVERYDAY!     Want the neighbor and visitors to say WHOA! when they visit your home or facility? Think of the HySe..
$3,898.00 $7,550.00
HySecurity SlideSmart HD25 Commercial Slide Gate Operator HySecurity SlideSmart HD25 Commercial Slide Gate Operator
New -48 %
Brand: HySecurity Model: SLIDESMART-HD25
The SlideSmart HD25 is a heavy-duty slide gate operator designed and manufactured by HySecurity. This electromechanical model can cycle a 2,500 lb, 50ft gate at an adjustable speed of 0.75/1/or 1.25s (Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft/s for Class I and II usage safety). Thi..
$3,250.00 $6,225.00
HySecurity SlideSmart HD30 KIT Includes Safety Equipment HySecurity SlideSmart HD30 KIT Includes Safety Equipment
New -47 %
Brand: HySecurity Model: SLIDESMARTHD30
Demand the BEST even if it costs a little more! Smart consumers know that buying better will cost you less in the long run. Anyone who has developed a relationship with the "gate tech" in the rusty truck with a new magnetic sign on it knows how expensive a failing gate opener is to keep going. This ..
$3,650.00 $6,925.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: StrongSlideM30
StrongSlide M30 is a premium slide gate operator and the first crash-rated slide gate operator in the HySecurity family. This gate has the ability to stop a 15,000lb. truck in its tracks. This state-of-the-art Gate Opener is designed for sites with no power. Its patented dual-arm design prevents veh..
Brand: HySecurity Model: HySecurity HD SlideDriver 15
    The HySecurity SlideDriver 15 is the entry level, most reasonably priced, hydraulic operator in the HySecurity line of products sold by Gate Openers Direct.     HySecurity SLIDEDRIVER 15 is a powerful, rugged, continuous-duty, industrial-grade, hydrau..
$9,288.00 $12,539.00
Brand: HySecurity Model: SlideDriver 200
HySecurity SlideDriver 200 is a powerful, rugged, continuous-duty, industrial-grade, hydraulic slide gate operator that exceeds all operator reliability, longevity, maintenance, and security standards. It cycles the heaviest, longest gates imaginable, including those securing airport runways. It's a..
Brand: HySecurity Model: SlideDriver 30F
    Have better things to do than wait on a busy street for a large gate to open? The HySecurity SlideDriver 30F is the answer to large, slow,  gate openers. Get that thing open NOW! This is a high-speed, high-quality, HySecurity, hydraulic GATE SLINGER! Actually we made up ..
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