AAS Advantage DKS II 26-bit Keypad Controller

AAS Advantage DKS II 26-bit Keypad Controller

Price: $715.00


AAS Advantage DKS II 26-bit Keypad Controller

Available in 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 code configurations, the American Access Systems AdvantageDKS II is one of the most cost effective, non PC based controllers available. Each master controller is designed to operate two 26 bit, wiegand output keypads, where all programming and auditing is done from the master station.

The AAS AdvantageDKS II master controllers are available in three configurations: post mount, desk mount or in a rain tight enclosure. Post mount masters (optional intercom available) are housed in metal keypads. The desk cabinet (interior use only) is enclosed in a black metal housing, while the rain tight unit is mounted inside of a standard electrical rain tight enclosure.

Each AdvantageDKS II master station allows the user to randomly generate up to 2000, five digit codes and automatically enter them into memory.  These codes can be printed out using an RS-232 serial port printer.  The controller will also report time, date, code number entered, relay activated and valid/invalid code.


Product Info
Features Programmable five digit codes: 100, 500, 1000 or 2000
Two slave keypad ports, 26 bit wiegand (see RemotePro KP)
Programmable Personal Master Code, Latch Code and Sleep Code
Split Relay Function allows activation of two separate doors / gates
Optional Camera (intercom model only)
3 strikes you're out
True Anti Pass Back
1000 code transaction buffer
Specifications Code Capacity
100, 500,1000, 2000
Power Supply


AAS DKS II Brochure 185.36KB
AAS DKS II Desk Unit Installation Manual 202.35KB
AAS DKS II Installation Manual 104.87KB
AAS DKS II Intercom Manual 85.79KB
AAS DKS II Raintight Installation Manual 202.35KB

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