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Security Brands Ridge 2.0 Keypad And Transciever

Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
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Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
Ridge Keypad and Transceiver – 433-MHz – Post Mount
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Security Brands Ridge 2.0 Keypad And Transciever
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An innovative built in transmitter and transceiver setup now sends a signal to the included transceiver that you wire into your control board just like any other universal receiver. That setup elminates a multitude of transmitters on the market needing to be installed into a keypad to attain wireless capabilities. It also means you can now LATCH  or HOLD OPEN a gate opener without draining the keypad battery! Check it out, here are the details:

No wires means freedom! Whether you have a residential setup or a light commercial application, the Ridge 2.0 wireless keypad from Summit Access Control can be installed anywhere you need it. It works on any gate operator, but the ultra-low power draw means it plays well with solar systems. Whether it's a simple installation or a multiple-keypad or multiple-gate operator setup, these keypads can handle it. Control 2 gates/doors from 1 keypad, and 1 transceiver can receive commands from up to 20 of the keypads, all with a wireless range of up to 500 feet (maximum, clear line of site). It's a 9VDC, wireless entry keypad and is housed in a durable poly carbonate enclosure with a metal number pad and has a 500 code capacity (four digit codes). The Ridge 2.0 from Summit Access Control is a simple post mount or surface mount installation and the Intelligent Transceiver mounts inside your protective gate operator enclosure.

Goes Where You Go
No wires mean freedom—this device can be located and mounted anywhere you need it.

Fits Your Needs
Whether it’s a simple installation or a multiple-keypad, multiple-device setup, your configuration options are limitless.

Solar Friendly
An ultra-low current draw means it plays well with your solar gate operator.

Go Wireless
Our cutting-edge Ridge Wireless technology allows 433-MHz two-way wireless connection, making your system more versatile and more responsive.

433 MHz

No Trenching Required

Solar Friendly

Ridge Wireless Technology

Familiar Programming You Can Rely On

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Made in the USA from Global Materials

Product Info
Features500 Code Memory 4 Digit Codes Controls up to 2 gates/doors Connect up to 20 keypads Latch/Hold-Open Code Wireless Range Up To 500 Feet Personal Master Code Limited-use code (1-9 uses) '3 Strikes, You're Out" Security Adjustable Relay Output Time Audible-Tone Feedback Powered by a single 9-volt battery Non-Volatile Memory (saved even on power failure) Polycarbonate Construction Lockable Faceplate 2 Year Parts Warranty Made in USA
SpecificationsKeypad Input Voltage: 9VDCTransceiver Input Voltage: 12-24VAC/DCCurrent Draw (standby): 7.9mA @ 12VDCCurrent Draw (with relay latched) 11.2mA @ 12VDCRelay: Contact Rating = 2A @ 30V / .5A @ 120V Max Carrying Current = 2A / 2A Adjustable Relay Time = 1-999 SecondsRadio Frequency: 433 MHzOperating Temperature: -15 to 175 Degrees FahrenheitDimensions: 5.74"(H) x 4.87"(W) x 4.73"(D)Shipping Weight: 4lbs

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